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Taffy candy is a type of American candy. It is a unique type of soft candy made from boiled sugar, vegetable oil, and flavorings. This sweet treat is usually pastel-colored and comes in flavors like toffee and fruit. This type of candy is not to be confused with toffee, which is made from a similar base.

Salt water taffy is a variety of soft taffy

Salt water taffy is a type of soft taffy made by pulling and stretching a sugar and fat mixture. The ingredients vary, but they typically include sugar, cornstarch, glycerine, water, butter, and salt. Flavorings and food coloring can also be added to the mix.

Salt water taffy has a murky history, but many believe it originated during a storm in Atlantic City in 1884. During the storm, seawater flooded many of the city's businesses. One of these businesses, David Bradley, was selling taffy along the boardwalk when the storm hit. Bradley wiped the taffy with saltwater foam and began marketing it as salt water taffy.

Salt water taffy is made in the same way as other soft taffy, except it has less salt than other types. To make it, combine the ingredients in a copper kettle, and wait until they become soft and stretchy. It takes about 15 minutes to make a batch of salt water taffy. The taffy will keep for about three days at room temperature. To store it for later, place it in an airtight container or a plastic bag.

Salt water taffy is a popular variety of soft taffy. The process of making it is visible to the public at many stores. Sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, butter, and water are combined with various flavors to create a soft, pillowy texture.

While salt water taffy does not contain any salt, it was originally named after the salt used in some recipes. It is popular from the sea to the shining sea and is available in a variety of flavors. Salt water taffy is a summertime treat that has a rich history.

History of salt water taffy begins in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In the early 1900s, it was a staple of the boardwalk. Atlantic City was a major tourist destination during this time, and salt water taffy became a popular treat in the area.

A young girl asked if Bradley could buy her some candy. The owner jokingly told her that the only candy he had was salt water taffy. The young girl bought some, and the shop owners decided to sell it under that name. However, some people think that the name came from the fact that it was sold near the ocean. In any case, salt water taffy is a delicious sweet that you will never tire of.


Advantus Taffy Candy Toffee has a rich history dating back to the 1800s. Originally made from molasses, it was the first known version of the chewy candy. Today, it is a popular treat in many countries. It is similar to molasses taffy, but much chewier.

It is made from soft toffee, and is sometimes mixed with molasses or vanilla. It can be flavored with almost anything, from banana to chocolate or even coffee, and is often colored to match its flavor. Modern taffy recipes may also include corn syrup. In the process of making taffy, the soft base of the candy is rolled and stretched for 20 minutes. It is then cut into 2-inch pieces and wrapped in wax paper to keep it soft.

Taffy pulls first became popular during the 1840s, but were not called taffy until about 30 years later. In nineteenth-century cookbooks, taffy and toffee were used interchangeably. At the time, taffy was typically made of molasses, but many recipes used butter and sugar instead. The treat was considered a fun way to entertain guests and was often eaten as a treat during birthdays and social events.

When making taffy, you will need a heavy-bottomed three or four-quart saucepan. A wooden spoon with a long handle is recommended for pulling. A good candy thermometer is essential for determining the right temperature to make the perfect caramel taffy.

A salt-water taffy maker in Brooklyn, New York makes several varieties. The candy is spread on a metal table and mechanical taffy pulling hooks are used to aerate the mixture. These tools ensure that the candy is not too salty and that it is sweet.

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