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The Better Made Pretzel Company produces a wide variety of snacks, from potato chips to shoestring potato chips. They also make pretzels, tortilla chips, corn chips, and beef jerky. Other products include party mixes and dips and salsas. In 2005, Better Made had a 15 percent market share in Southeast Michigan grocery stores. It also had strong sales in convenience stores.


The pretzel is a very popular snack in the United States. Many people enjoy dipping them in thick yellow cheese. For many, they represent the quintessential New York experience. Despite their American popularity, the history of the pretzel dates back to Southern Germany, where they first became popular in the 12th century. The pretzel is deeply rooted in German culture and has many different names.

Pretzels were first baked as a soft bread. The Latin name for these breads was bracellae, which means "little arms." The Germans later adapted this name to describe the bread. In the Middle Ages, they were often given to the poor and were considered a religious symbol of prosperity and sustenance. Later on, they became symbolic of love, and royal couples in Switzerland broke pretzels during their wedding ceremonies. In the 1700s, German immigrants brought pretzels to America, and many bakeries were established in Pennsylvania. Today, 80% of pretzels are produced in the United States.

The potato chip company was founded in 1853, but it was not until World War I that the snack became popular in the United States. The history of the Better Made potato chip company is a multifaceted tale. The company was originally called Best Maid, but was acquired by a competitor called New Era. The two men then left the company to create their own company with Peter Cipriano. They had previously been making chips at home and were determined to start a new business. Over the years, New Era was Better Made's largest competitor.

The history of the pretzel stretches back to the seventh century. In the 16th century, Germans began eating them on Good Friday. The Catholic Church once considered pretzels to be the official food of Lent. When meat, dairy, and eggs were forbidden during Lent, pretzels were an ideal food. They were delicious and easy to make, and met the strict guidelines of the Church.


To ensure the highest quality pretzels, you'll want to know the ingredients that go into them. Thankfully, pretzel manufacturers are very specific about what they use. They thoroughly test all of their raw ingredients. They check for sensory characteristics like particle size of flour, thickness of shortening, and pH of liquids. These tests are important because these ingredients can impact the consistency and flavor of pretzels. Additionally, they test the pretzels' overall appearance and texture.

The primary ingredient in pretzel dough is flour. This material contains starch and protein and can absorb water quickly. It can also be enriched with different nutrients. However, this process is regulated by the government and there are preset limits for what can be enriched. To make pretzels, the flour used is made from soft wheat flour, which contains a protein content of around 9%.

The ingredients in pretzels vary depending on the style and flavor. Traditional hard pretzels are two-looped knots, while soft pretzels are cylindrical and have a higher moisture content. Soft pretzels have a shorter shelf life. There are also flavored pretzels, such as cheese, kosher, and butter pretzels.

Another ingredient in pretzels is salt. Pretzels are a snack that is popular in the United States. The history of pretzels is not well-documented, but a monk in southern France developed a pretzel shape using bread dough. He used pretzels as a reward for his children who would learn prayers. In Latin, the word pretiola means "little reward." The pretzel eventually spread to Austria and Germany, and was brought over to the Americas on the Mayflower.


The pretzel-making process is almost completely automated, with almost no human interaction in the process. Pretzels are passed through a vibrating plate that's driven by magnets and small motors. This helps to evenly distribute salt on the pretzels. The excess salt falls off through a wire mesh belt. The pretzels are salted to about 2% of their total weight, which is the ideal amount.

The final step in pretzel production is the cooking process. This is the most critical part of the pretzel-making process. Several critical parameters need to be met in this step, including temperature and alkalinity (pH). The alkaline bath contains a mixture of sodium carbonate or lye that contains about 1-2% sodium hydroxide. The pretzels are dipped into the bath for five to 20 seconds before being finished.

The company's product line today consists of several types of snacks and potato chips. The company sells pretzels, tortilla chips, pork rinds, popcorn, cheese puffs, and pork jerky. Its products are distributed throughout Michigan. A company representative says the company has a market share of about 15 percent in Southeast Michigan grocery stores. Better Made also sells potato chips and pretzels in convenience stores.

Aside from Snyder's, there are other pretzel-making companies in the United States. One of these is Utz, based in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The two companies attempted a merger in 2010 but it did not take place due to antitrust investigations by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The other company is Rold Gold, owned by Frito-Lay. This company was founded in 1917 and originally called the American Cone and Pretzel Company. The company was acquired by Frito-Lay in 1961.

Pretzel dough is produced in large stainless steel tanks. Flour and warm water are mixed together with yeast and other ingredients. They are then blended together with high-speed horizontal mixers. Then the dough is seasoned and sprinkled with coarse salt before baking. Pretzels are produced in a variety of flavors and colors.


Better Made pretzels packaging has a number of benefits that make it a healthier choice for consumers. This company's process begins with careful testing of raw ingredients. Quality control inspectors evaluate the particle size of flour, the thickness of shortening, and the pH of the liquids used to make the pretzels. This ensures that the pretzels have consistency. Chemists also check the final product for flavor, texture, and appearance.

Consumers are becoming increasingly picky when it comes to snacks, and pretzels are no exception. With their crispy, flaky texture, pretzels provide a satisfying bite. They also provide a quick and convenient snack option for busy customers. As a low-calorie snack, pretzels are ideal for battling obesity. Most pretzels are sold in supermarkets, and this distribution method allows consumers to inspect the product before purchasing it. However, pretzels are also available online.

The packaged pretzels market is expected to grow at a promising pace over the coming years. The fast-paced lifestyle of people in Asia-Pacific is fueling the demand for food items that can be eaten on the go. As a result, international and private brands are entering the market with localized pretzel flavors. For example, American pretzel chain Aunt Anne is expanding its presence in Japan.

Pretzels are baked products with a distinctive loop shape. They have a salty-crisp texture and a pleasant cracker-like flavor. They are often adorned with salt crystals and have a long shelf life. While pretzels are traditionally a snack, they have become a popular food item in the U.S., and are available in a variety of packaging and shapes. In addition to their packaging, pretzels are also available in pillow bags, which make them a convenient and portable snack.


Better Made Pretzels is a Milwaukee company that focuses on the authenticity of pretzels. They have consulted with many German bakers and tested several different formulas before they came up with the perfect recipe. They sell pretzels in a variety of sizes and shapes, including the classic round twist. You can purchase three-, five-, or 16-ounce versions. There is also a pretzel lover's gift set, which includes two one-pound twists, 100 pretzel bites, and a jar of beer mustard. Shipping is free with orders of $40 or more.

Better Made has a variety of shipping options to choose from, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. You can even find a local vendor for pick-up. Pretzels are made from yeasted doughs and dipped in an alkalized bath before baking. The average pretzel costs between $5 and $20.

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