Best Bitters Cocktail Mixers in 2022

Bitters Cocktail Mixers

Bitters are used in many cocktail recipes. Traditionally, bitters are made by soaking botanicals in a clear spirit, usually grain alcohol. The Oxford dictionary defines botanicals as "plant materials or substances used as additives in gin, rum, or other spirits." A clear spirit helps to maximize flavor extraction and a neutral spirit highlights the botanical's characteristics. There are many varieties of bitters, including flavored and unflavored types.


Angostura bitters are a popular ingredient for a cocktail, but the flavor is not what sets it apart from other bitters. It is an aromatic bitters with a flavor similar to licorice or anise. It is not made from the bark of the Angostura tree, but rather contains a proprietary blend of aromatic plants. The label features a facsimile signature of Dr. J. G. B. Siegert, who has been selling his product internationally since 1830.

A bottle of Angostura bitters is orange in color and contains more than 40 ingredients. The ingredients in Angostura include exotic fruits and spices. They also contain a bitter root called gentian. The ABV of this product is 44.7%, making it a popular ingredient for a cocktail. While the exact ingredients are closely guarded, it is known that it has a long history of use in cocktails.

Angostura is typically used in drinks that call for a kick. Its unique flavor is ideal for spicier, spirit-forward drinks. It is also used in cooking, and makes a great addition to the old fashioned. Other popular drinks that feature Angostura include the Manhattan, the Seelbach, and the widow's kiss. It is also commonly used in drinks like the trinidad sour, alabazam, and the widow's kiss.

Angostura is an aromatic bitters, which gives an Old Fashioned its smoky, liquorice flavor. Angostura is widely available in restaurants and other liquor stores. When ordering Angostura, be sure to purchase the brand you are most familiar with. Then, you can experiment with various varieties and find the perfect one for your drink. So, enjoy your cocktail and get mixing!


Antoine Amédée Peychaud was a Creole apothecary who migrated to New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1795. Peychaud developed his own bitters and was known for enhancing the taste of his drinks. The bitters became a standard in American cocktail bars, and even gained a following in England. Today, you can find Peychaud's Bitters in many specialty liquor stores.

These bitters are a classic cocktail ingredient that pairs well with aged spirits. They go well with rum, gin, and whisky. They can be used in an old fashioned, Manhattan, Rob Roy, or even Champagne Cocktails. Peychaud's Bitters have a rich history behind the bar, as they originated in a Creole apothecary in New Orleans. Peychaud developed his recipe from an ancient Haitian family recipe.

Both bitters can be used in classic cocktails. The difference between the two is in the amount of saffron they contain. Peychaud's has less anise and is sweeter than Angostura. Angostura is spicier and has more spices. Peychaud's is a classic for making cocktails and is used in classic New Orleans cocktails.

Lavender is a world-famous flower. It has many uses, including being a spice in cocktails, as well as a cure for cuts, reduces hair loss, and absorbs toxins. Its aroma also makes the drink more fragrant and enjoyable to drink. If you're looking for a new way to spice up your cocktails, Peychaud's Bitters is a great option.

The bitters were first made in 1850, and it was Antoine Peychaud who introduced them to the public. The bitters were originally a medicine, and were mixed with brandy or other liquors. Peychaud's bitters helped Antoine Peychaud keep his business afloat during the Prohibition era. The name was derived from the name of the cognac he produced.

Fee Brothers

The deluxe set of Fee Brothers Bitters is a convenient way to expand your repertoire of bitters. This set features full bottles of various bitters, including West Indian orange, peach, lemon, and grapefruit. Other included ingredients include aztec chocolate bitters, cherry bitters, mint, cranberry, and old fashioned aromatic bitters. If you're not yet familiar with Fee Brothers Bitters, here are some things you should know.

Fee Brothers started as a family business in 1880. The company's three founding brothers, Benn and Jon Fee, continue to oversee the company. Their products are crafted in Rochester, New York. The 156-year-old brand is known for its rich history, and many of the bottles feature mustachioed profiles of the four founding brothers. Fee Brothers is a proud member of the New York cocktail community.

Today, the fourth generation of Fees is best known for their famous bitters. They are the great-grandchildren of James Fee, and still produce the cabinet of curiosities that is Fee Brothers Bitters. Known for the high quality of their bitters, the company also produces cordial syrups, botanical waters, foams, and brines. The family-owned company employs fourteen people, so it's important that you know the ingredients in your cocktail.

Fee Brothers has a diverse selection of flavors and blends. Some of their best-known bitters include an almond nose, which accentuates citrus flavor in a cocktail. Others, like the Black Walnut, add a subtle nutty flavor to a drink. They are also an essential ingredient in many pre-prohibition vintage drinks. They are available in a range of flavors, including citrus, pineapple, and pear, and are a great way to experiment with new tastes.

Orange Bitters No. 6

Regan's Orange Bitters has delicate and complex flavors of orange. The flavor of orange is complemented by spicy cloves and cinnamon. This cocktail mixer is perfect for making delicious margaritas. The bitters come in a bottle that has a clear seal of quality. The bottle also contains other ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of nutmeg. You can find a variety of Regan's Orange Bitters in your local liquor store or online.

Regan's Orange Bitters No. 6 Cocktail Mixers add an oomph to any cocktail. The brand was created by legendary cocktail master Gary Regan. Its subtle, complex flavor is complemented by a hint of spice from cloves and cinnamon. Regan's Orange Bitters are perfect for adding an orange twist to your favorite drink. They come in a bottle with an attractive bottle design that makes them a perfect gift for friends and family.

This zesty bitters are a mix of spices and citrus. They compliment a range of spirits and liqueurs, so they're an excellent choice for classic cocktails. Ahead of time, you'll be mixing your own boozy creations and experimenting with new flavors with Orange Bitters No. 6. And don't forget about the other great flavor combinations of the zesty bitters.

The flavors of orange bitters will expand your palate and enhance the taste of your party drinks. Whether you're making a Bloody Mary or a Cosmopolitan, a bottle of Orange Bitters No. 6 Cocktail Mixers is sure to impress your guests. They are 45 percent alcohol by volume and add a great splash of flavor to your drinks. So get your party started with this new cocktail mixer today!


The use of bitters is not limited to cocktails. They can also be used in classic cocktails as a way to add herbal, vegetable, or subtly medicinal notes. You can buy a variety of bitters, as well as cocktail mixers, at any grocery store or online. But if you're looking for a more personal touch, try a variety of flavors from their unique selection.

In a cocktail, you will combine different spirits, sugar, water, and bitters to produce a strong drink. Scrappy's has a number of official cocktail recipes on the bottle and welcomes customer submissions as well. The company claims that it offers over thirty different flavors of its bitters, so you can experiment and find your own favorite cocktail! Here are some of the different types of flavours:

Chocolate: Chocolate-based bitters are a specialty of Scrappy's. Made with organic toasted cacao nibs, these bitters are a great way to add a chocolatey flavor to your favorite drink. They pair well with aged rum, brandy, and vodka. Scrappy's uses cacao nibs to make their chocolate bitters. The company creates each bitters in small batches in Seattle.

Aromatic: With organic ingredients, Scrappy's' bitters are made with a rich aroma that evokes the warmth and character of the tropics. Aromatic bitters have a bitter finish and can be used in cocktails or as a replacement for mass-produced bitters. Whether you're looking for a classic Manhattan or a modern twist on the Old Fashioned, Scrappy's is sure to satisfy your tastes and enhance the experience.

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