Best Chocolate Packets & Boxes in 2022

Types of Chocolate Packets & Boxes

There are many different types of Chocolate Packets & Boxees that you can use to display and ship your chocolates. Some chocolate trays have multiple compartments, while others have only one or two. Depending on your needs, the thickness of the chocolate pad you choose will vary. A higher number of plies means a thicker pad. Plastic chocolate boxes and trays are also available in many different colors and materials.

Glassine paper

While the term "glassine" implies a thin sheet of glass, the actual process of manufacturing it involves compressing thin papers. These papers are normally 40 g/m2 and have good transparency and smoothness, but lack high stiffness values. They are generally not used in corrugated cardboard packaging. Instead, glassine paper is usually used for packaging chocolates and confectionery products. This article will discuss some of the differences between the two materials, and describe the benefits and disadvantages of both.

While glassine is not coated with any material, it is often confused with parchment or wax paper. While both are made from cellulose, parchment and wax paper contain silicone that provides heat resistance and a non-stick surface. Despite their great cooking properties, they are not recyclable and compostable. The difference between the two lies in their composition and uses. To keep chocolate and other confectionery items fresh, glassine is the most environmentally friendly choice.

Before being discarded, chocolate bars were wrapped with coated paper. This allowed manufacturers to improve production efficiency and reduce flavor adsorption. Some chocolate bars, like HERSHEY'S, were wrapped in single-oriented polypropylene-based foil. Other candy manufacturers, such as Hammond's of Denver, used glassine paper for their packaging, as well as edible coatings for their products. The latter protects the protein in their Yes! bar.

Bubble wrap

For optimum shipping protection, chocolates must be packaged in sturdy packaging such as a hard cardboard box. The package should be large enough to accommodate the chocolate box and be thick enough to provide additional support on all sides. To protect the chocolate from damage during transit, use metalized bubble wrap or durable packing material. A sturdy padded envelope can also be used to protect the chocolate from damage during shipping. Make sure that the box is insulated and leak-proof to prevent any moisture from penetrating the contents.

As shipping of chocolates requires extra space, insulated boxes are preferred. They will keep the chocolates and other perishable items away from outside heat. Mylar-coated bubble wrap is especially beneficial because it acts as an insulator and heat deflector to protect the contents of the packaging from outside elements and shipping hazards. In addition, the insulated box is more secure when it is fully wrapped with bubble wrap.

If the contents of the box are fragile, it is best to wrap them with FDA-grade bubble wrap to protect them from damage during transit. Foods wrapped with this type of bubble wrap are protected against shock and vibration. However, if the packaging includes fragile items, you should use temperature-controlled bubble wrap. The larger the bubbles, the better the protection. This type of bubble wrap is more durable and will withstand the majority of shipping accidents.

Wooden trays

If you're fond of serving chocolates or other treats on your tables, wooden trays are an excellent option. These functional trays are a decorative accessory for any room and can be used for serving many things at the same time. The shape of the trays is usually oval or rectangle. The wooden trays make a beautiful accent for any table, and the unique shapes allow for several uses. You can even use them to store personal mementos, small plants, or flowers. No matter what kind of look you're trying to achieve, wood trays will fit perfectly into your home decor.

Whether you want to present a box of homemade chocolates to a loved one, wooden trays are a stylish way to present your delicious treats. These boxes are large enough to hold a variety of different items, and their natural finish makes them a beautiful option for food packaging. A wooden box with a clear window makes it easy to showcase your treats and makes the entire experience more elegant. Choose from a wide selection of wood boxes and trays from PacknWood, a company dedicated to making reusable wooden boxes for your business.

Plastic trays

For decades, consumers have been enjoying the luxury of a Cadbury chocolate selection box. These classic boxes have become an essential part of the Christmas season, along with the Queen's speech and cracking nuts. But Cadbury has changed its ways - and is doing so in an effort to reduce the amount of packaging it uses. The chocolates inside these boxes no longer come packaged in plastic trays. Instead, the company is switching to a compostable material called plantic.

The Nestle box, for instance, has a large clear plastic tray inside. The tray holds four plastic wrapped chocolate packets. There are also smaller white cardboard trays with eight full-size chocolate cups. The box is similar to the Reese's box, but is bigger. The box is labeled "Christmas Selection."

Foam trays

Foam trays for chocolate packets and boxes have a number of advantages over their solid counterparts. These trays are disposable and shatter-resistant, and the material is also recyclable. Some processors blast freeze the trays at temperatures of 28 oF for an hour or more. Solid materials would not stand up to such extreme conditions, but foam does. Manufacturers ship these trays in two layers of polyethylene film, which protect them from dust and damage during handling.

Among the advantages of using foam trays for chocolates and boxes is their aesthetic appearance. These boxes are a great choice for catered events, cafeterias, and concession stands. They're easy to use and customizable. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a collaborative group of leading food safety experts. In 2000, it launched a benchmarking process that outlined key components of good food safety standards and operating protocols for third-party certification. Foam trays are available with a letter of guarantee from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

To prevent the melting of chocolates, use an extra-strong box to protect them during transit. It should have enough depth and support to hold the entire chocolate box. The foam should also be thick enough to fill in the space between the candy box and the outer shipping box. To further protect the chocolates, you can use foam or fiber insulators to separate them. In addition, it is important to ensure that the packaging is food-safe.

Crystal clear boxes

Stand up pouches are designed to protect the contents of your chocolate packets from oxygen. Oxygen is one of the main causes of oxidation of chocolates. Moisture can also cause oxidation because it extracts the soluble sugars from the chocolate, leaving large granules on the surface. The impregnable barrier of a stand up pouch prevents these undesirable processes from occurring. Additionally, these boxes keep out light, which can make the chocolate runcid.

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