Best Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes in 2022

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes

If you are looking for the best fruitcake in Corsicana, TX, you've come to the right place. Collin Street Bakery has been making delicious fruitcakes for over a century. They have a variety of options, including mail order, supper club, and even a hotel. If you're looking for something special to share with your loved ones, these fruitcakes will surely hit the spot.

Corsicana is known for its fruitcakes

Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas, has been making fruitcakes for more than a century. They produce more than 800,000 pounds of fruitcake annually and ship them to all 50 states and 196 other countries. Fruitcakes made here have been featured in several movies, including The Godfather. The fruitcake is a circular confection made with pecans, dried fruit, and flour.

While fruitcakes have become an international phenomenon, the town is still known for other foods. While it is famous for its fruitcake, Corsicana is also home to the world's most famous canned chili, Wolf Brand. These are two of the town's most popular exports.

The collin Street Bakery was also the scene of a $17 million embezzlement case in 2013. An employee stole the money from the business and embezzled $17 million. This story sparked a movie, "Fruitcake Fraud" which will premiere on Discovery+ this December. The special will also feature interviews with Collin Street Bakery's president, Bob McNutt.

The Collin Street Bakery, located in Corsicana, is well known for its fruitcakes. It receives upwards of 10,000 orders per day during the holiday season. The bakery is a 125-year-old empire and reportedly earns around $30 million in sales each year. However, the baker has recently suffered a scandal which has thrown the town into turmoil.

The Collin Street Bakery was a thriving bakery in 1906. Its location near a railroad intersection made it popular with visitors. In addition to the bakery, it also housed a hotel. Eventually, the hotel was operated by Thomas McElwee.

It was a mail-order business

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes opened its doors in Corsicana, Texas, at 7:55 a.m., and was quickly celebrated throughout the community. Celebrities, tourists and guests alike shared the cakes with family and friends, making Collin Street Fruitcakes a mail-order business.

In 1896, August Weidmann, a German immigrant, opened a bakery in Corsicana, Texas. He brought with him German recipes to create authentic home-baked bread. The couple soon expanded their business, and Gus purchased a storefront on Collin Street. The bakery's success led to several national TV appearances, including "The Chew," ABC's "Jingle Brawls," and the History Channel's "How Things Are Made." In addition, a movie about Collin Street Bakery is currently in production.

Fruitcakes are one of the bakery's best-known products, but the bakery hasn't always been known for its confections. The bakery first operated as a bread bakery until 1946. McNutt bought the bakery in 1946 and made the fruitcakes its main focus.

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes was founded in Corsicana, Texas, and is now the nation's largest supplier of fruitcakes. In 2005, the company shipped fruitcakes to 196 countries, generating $35 million in sales. The company has also expanded into a retail store in Corsicana, Texas, where they sell their delicious pies and cookies. Whether you're looking for a traditional fruitcake or a more modern version, Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes has something for everyone.

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes has a rich history. Bob McNutt, the man behind the bakery, and his father grew a fruitcake farm in Costa Rica. They even planted their own crops there, as well.

It was a supper club

The McNutt family runs Collin Street Bakery. They are known for their fruitcakes, which are made with ingredients such as Costa Rican papaya, Texas pecans and Washington cherries. The company makes almost one million of these fruitcakes a year. The company sources all of its ingredients with care.

The Collin Street Bakery has been operating in Texas since 1896. The bakery is most famous for its Original DeLuxe fruitcake. Originally made in Germany, it was imported to the United States by August Weidmann and Tom McElwee. This partnership led to a fruitcake that became popular worldwide and continues to be shipped worldwide.

A supper club is a social club where members can enjoy a meal and enjoy delicious desserts. The Collin Street Bakery is known for its fruitcakes, which can sell up to 20,000 units per day. However, the company recently faced a scandal involving embezzled funds. Sandy Jenkins, the accountant at Collin Street Bakery for a decade, and his wife Kay used the money to go on shopping sprees. When they were caught, they were sentenced to a decade in prison.

The bakery opened its doors in 1896 and soon thereafter, a local entrepreneur named Tom McElwee opened a hotel above the bakery. The hotel attracted prominent celebrities of the day. In 1914, the Ringling Brothers Circus came to Cincinnati and ordered fruitcakes from the Collin Street Bakery. In fact, they ordered dozens of fruitcakes to be shipped all over the world.

It was a hotel

Collin Street Bakery was first opened in Corsicana, Texas, in 1896. At the time, Corsicana was a boom town during the early oil rush. The bakery's proprietors, August Weidmann and Tom McElwee, were known for their delectable fruitcakes. In addition to offering mouth-watering confections, the bakery also offered a hotel. Notable guests included opera singer Enrico Caruso and Will Rogers.

Today, Collin Street Bakery employs 60 people, with more than 80 percent of the workforce in the fall and winter months. Fruitcakes are shipped to every state in the United States and 195 countries around the world. They also offer catering services for events, meetings, and other events.

The first Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes were made by an immigrant from Germany, August Wiederman. This business soon grew and outgrew the original building. In 1897, the bakery expanded to a larger building, adding a second floor. It became a popular gathering spot for locals and celebrities. In 1914, the Ringling Brothers Circus passed through town, and the circus owners ordered fruitcakes from the Bakery as gifts. In 1946, the Bakery was purchased by Lee William McNutt.

The original Collin Street Bakery began as a small regional bakery. However, it had bigger dreams. McNutt began selling fruitcakes and other baked goods to international consumers. To accomplish this, his employees would copy the names and addresses of prospective customers from the telephone book. This innovative approach helped him create a database of prospective customers. This database was soon computerized, and McNutt was able to reach a much larger audience.

The fruitcakes at the Collin Street Bakery were a popular treat for out-of-town visitors. Because they needed no refrigeration, they were safe for long trips. And they tasted delicious any time of the day. The fruitcakes were popular enough that customers would split slices and share the deliciousness. This helped spread the Collin Street Bakery's name around the world.

It was famous for its fruitcakes

In the early 1900s, the Collin Street Bakery became known for its fruitcakes. The business was so popular that it attracted high-status visitors, including circus owner John Ringling and professional boxer Gentleman Jim Corbett. The bakery eventually became a mail order business, and people from all over the world came to purchase its famous creations.

The bakery opened in 1896 by German immigrant August Weidmann. He started with a family fruitcake recipe and began baking in the early 1900s. The business has two locations, one in Corsicana and the other in Waco. Today, the bakery sells fruitcakes in one, two, and four pounds and in different flavors. They also make smaller fruitcakes throughout the year.

During the Christmas season, the Collin Street Bakery receives up to 20,000 orders a day. The bakery's fruitcakes are so popular that they are shipped to countries all over the world. However, the bakery recently became the victim of an embezzlement scandal. The bakery's bookkeeper, Sandy Jenkins, and her former boss, Kay Jenkins, stole more than $17 million from the business. Eventually, the bakery hired a new accountant to investigate the case.

One fruitcake made at the Collin Street Bakery was so popular that it became a staple of the town's Christmas traditions. The fruitcakes were so popular that descendants of the famous Ringling circus continue to order them every year. In addition, Princess Caroline of Monaco orders the Christmas DeLuxe Fruitcake. It is also a favorite of Vanna White. Fruitcakes now account for 98 percent of the bakery's total sales. Approximately 1.5 million individual fruitcakes are sold every year.

The bakery is now infamous for a high-profile embezzlement case that involved a bookkeeper at the bakery. Sandy Jenkins embezzled $16.6 million from the bakery and spent it on expensive cars, vacation homes, and luxury travel. Jenkins' case was featured on the CNBC show, "American Greed," and was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison.

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