Best Disney Fairies Prepared Meals & Side Dishes for Babies

Disney Fairies Prepared Meals and Side Dishes for Babies

If you're considering taking your baby to the Disney Fairies theme park, you can now order their prepared meals and side dishes at the Artist Point restaurant. These baby-friendly meals come with a wide variety of character characters, as well as delicious dishes for your little one. To find out more, read this article. We'll take a look at the different menu items and the prices for each meal.

Storybook Dining at Artist Point

If you love fairy tale characters, Storybook Dining at Artist Point is for you. Guests can see Snow White, Grumpy, Dopey, and the Evil Queen in action during their meal. Music plays as guests enter, and lighting changes as the characters move through the restaurant. As guests enjoy their meal, they can pose for photos with the characters, who add an extra element of whimsy to the overall experience.

For a price of $60 per person, Storybook Dining is worth the cost. Adults share appetizers and desserts, and children select individual entrees. Annual Pass holders get a 10% discount on their dining, making it a great value. Chrissy had the opportunity to dine at this fun new restaurant and review the experience. She had reservations at four p.m., which meant we had plenty of time to talk with each character.

Guests can expect a new menu for the upcoming holiday season, including a prix fixe dinner inspired by Snow White. Guests can choose from plated individual entrees, shared starters, and desserts in a themed prix fixe menu. The ambiance is similar to that of a National Park lodge from the turn of the century. Each table is adorned with tree-shaped serving dishes. The restaurant's decor also follows the theme of the Wilderness Lodge's turn-of-the-century National Park lodge. There are even faux tree limbs in place of the traditional wooden chairs.

The atmosphere at Storybook Dining is one of the best things about this restaurant. The lobby is a delightful place to start the night, and the cast members dress up as characters from the stories. The backdrop is reminiscent of a page from Snow White. The lantern-like light fixtures are a fun touch to the decor. The food was excellent, but the prices were higher than what I was expecting. But the atmosphere is worth the price.

The service at Storybook Dining is great, and the food is delicious. Guests can enjoy the themed drinks made by Chef James Beard. Each drink features an alcoholic beverage and a dessert made with maple popcorn. For kids, there are several children's meals as well. The menu also features adult beverages, such as wines, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. This is a great place to take the kids.

Menu options

Whether your child has a sweet tooth or a savory one, you'll find plenty of options for healthy, tasty meals at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. A traditional breakfast includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, rosemary-lemon roasted potatoes, assorted pastries, and a fruit cup. During lunch and dinner, you can order one of the various sandwiches and pasta dishes.

In addition to a traditional baby-friendly menu, there are also several sit-down options where your child can order the Disney Check Meals. These options are generally smaller in size and designed to appeal to the three-and-under crowd. Each meal is served with low-fat milk and a Disney Check Meal icon to indicate that it meets the company's nutritional guidelines. For little guests, Disney also offers bite-sized versions of its traditional meals.

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