Best DORSET Breakfast Food in 2022

Five Places to Eat Dorset Breakfast Food

If you want to discover the best food in the region, check out these five places to eat in Dorset. Flamingo, Noisy Lobster, Terroir Tapas, Pig on the Beach, and Terroir Wine Bar. Each place has a unique concept, but all are worth a visit. The restaurants featured here all have something unique to offer, so you should be sure to visit one of these places before heading home.


If you're looking for a place to eat delicious Dorset breakfast food, you've come to the right place. Flamingo offers both traditional and original breakfast dishes, and they cater to dietary needs. Vegans and gluten-free diners will appreciate the options for breakfast, including Acai Bowls and pancakes. Its breakfast and lunch menu is among the best in Dorset, and it's one of the most popular places in town for brunch.

Noisy Lobster

Whether you want a traditional English breakfast, a hearty lunch or a late night snack, there's a place for you in Dorset's quaint seaside towns. Located on Avon Beach in Mudeford, the Noisy Lobster deli has it all. Freshly prepared seafood, daily essentials and homemade condiments abound, as do the bespoke celebration cakes. The cafe also carries beach essentials, including fresh bread and confectionery.

Originally a humble beach cafe, the Noisy Lobster has undergone a major refurbishment and expansion. Now a vibrant, iconic venue in the town, the restaurant is not only an important dining destination but a focal point for the local community. Its beautiful setting and spectacular view of Mudeford Bay are just a few reasons why it has become so popular. Its menu is inspired by the season and features seafood that's fresh and locally sourced.

If you're looking for a quiet, romantic location to have a romantic breakfast, the Noisy Lobster is the place for you. The restaurant is family-run and has been around for 80 years. In 2012, the Hayward family bought the café and transformed it into a modern seaside institution. In addition to a traditional English breakfast, you can also have rock oysters with raspberry vinaigrette and Sea Shanty Seaweed Vodka for an unforgettable experience.

Terroir Tapas

Have you ever been to Terroir Tapas in Bournemouth? This award-winning Spanish restaurant has an eco-friendly philosophy and aims to minimise waste through the use of sustainable and local ingredients. Their menu includes dishes based on British produce and is made from recycled materials. You'll find recycled materials everywhere you look - from the bar top to the yoghurt pots used for chopping boards.

As a former deli and petrol station, Terroir Tapas has a long and impressive wine list. Many of the wines are from small artisan producers and biodynamic farms. Sommelier James Fowler is on hand to help you make the best choice. The restaurant's ambiance and food make it a popular choice for locals and theatre goers. You'll also find it difficult to resist the fresh, local seafood that is served at the restaurant's terrace.

The menu at this Southbourne restaurant is a must-do when visiting Bournemouth. There's no shortage of delicious options on the menu, which changes with the seasons. The Southbourne restaurant's chillies are perfect for sharing, while its kimchi broth is an excellent addition to any dish. The menu features a variety of tapas dishes, including some that are perfect for sharing. The menu at Terroir Tapas in Dorset changes regularly to reflect the freshest local produce.

Pig on the Beach

For a quaint seaside retreat in Dorset, try the Pig on the Beach. This 16th century manor house is set in Studland Bay, the famous location of the movie Noddy's Toytown. With stunning views of the Old Harry Rocks and a wide, windswept beach, it exudes a fairytale charm. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the generous portions and thoughtful touches of this award-winning restaurant.

A mellow country house hotel with a beachfront location, The Pig on the Beach is the perfect place to get a full English breakfast or brunch. Located just a few miles from Studland Beach, this secluded hotel offers stunning views of the Jurassic coastline. It even has its own private room for dinner parties and a wood-fired oven. For breakfast, you'll be treated to a selection of cereals and yoghurt, along with local hams and local produce.

For those staying at the Pig, you'll be thrilled to find that the restaurant's food is as fresh as the surrounding countryside. The breakfast spread is a visual feast, with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients presented on a large table with beautiful china. The Pig even has its own wine, produced by Rhone-based Michael Chapoutier. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at The Pig.


At the acclaimed, eco-conscious restaurant Terroir of DORSET, a sustainable approach to sourcing and preservation has become a defining part of the menu. They source as much of their ingredients locally as possible and have implemented a range of methods to reduce their carbon footprint. From sourcing local fish and meat to using fermentation and pickling to preserve their produce, they strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Using British produce, they create a menu that is inspired by world cuisine, but with a focus on local produce.

Dorset Cereals has recently expanded internationally, and it has been based at a purpose-built barn factory in Poundbury since 2000. Originally owned by private equity firm Langholm Capital, the company was purchased by Associated British Foods in 2012 for PS50 million. It is now part of the Jordans, Dorset & Ryvita Company. This is a perfect example of how terroir in food affects the taste of a product.

Whether you're after gourmet-quality coffee or hearty home-cooked food, Dorset has plenty to offer. From organic fruit and vegetables to local meats, Dorset's rich foodie scene attracts some of the country's best chefs. You'll find award-winning restaurants and cafes here, and can enjoy a delicious breakfast and lunch with friends and family. The delicious dishes that are served here are sure to satisfy your craving for a good meal.

Dorset Cereals

You can find Dorset Cereals in most supermarkets in the US. The company was founded in 1989 as an alternative to rabbit food. Since then, Dorset Cereals has evolved its product line to incorporate more nuts and fruit. The company is a member of the Wellness Foods group founded by Irish horseracing tycoons and based in Poundbury, England. The company ships its cereals around the world, but also has a distribution partner in the Middle East.

The Dorset Cereals factory is located in Poundbury, a model town created by Prince Charles. You'll find workers in peach overalls and red hairnets, sorting out the rogue cereal ingredients like raisin stalks and nut husks. These rogue ingredients can be a thorn in the side of your teeth. So, if you're in the mood for a delicious breakfast cereal, consider stopping by the Dorset factory in Poundbury to get a taste of what's in your bowl.

This company has experienced a steady increase in sales since it moved to its purpose-built barn factory in Poundbury in 2000. The company has had steady growth since its relocation to Poundbury and has customers throughout the world, from China to California. The company's managing director is about to visit China to sell its products. The company also has a presence in other countries, including the Middle East and California. This growth has prompted Dorset Cereals to expand its production capabilities.

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