Best Floris Fashion Indoor Plants in 2022

Floris Fashion Indoor Plants

When shopping for indoor plants, consider buying a variety. A wide variety of plants can make a room look beautiful, and this collection includes some of the best-selling varieties. These plants include Selaginella kraussiana, Monstera deliciosa, and Anthurium. In addition, you can also look for a few other interesting options, including Spider Plants, Hellebore, and Phlox.

Selaginella kraussiana

The beauty of this plant lies in its striking colors and bold designs. It is best suited to a semi-shaded or full shade environment. It is not tolerant of high temperatures, drought, or too much light. It prefers a temperature between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and average moisture. Selaginella kraussiana requires a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted at half strength, and needs good drainage.

The Selaginella kraussiana plant is a beautiful ground cover. It needs a higher humidity than most other indoor plants. It belongs to the Selaginellaceae family and the Selaginella genus. It is a tropical plant that grows in humid and dark shaded areas. Its flowers bloom in spring and summer. A few of its unique colors make it a great addition to any space.

This plant is a favorite among interior designers, and is a great addition to any room. It is best grown in a terrarium. Whether in a terrarium or in a glass bottle garden, this unusual plant will thrive and flourish. Its delicate beauty makes it a great addition to your home. It can grow in a terrarium and is relatively easy to maintain.

The care of Krauss' Spikemoss is important to its health and looks. It can survive in up to 70% humidity, but if you can't find one in your home, you can easily buy a terrarium online. The best place to keep it is a semi-shady spot, as it does not like lime or high humidity. You can also get this plant from Amazon.

You can grow Selaginella kraussiana in a bathroom, but you should make sure the humidity level is high enough to keep the plant alive. The humidity in the bathroom will usually be sufficient. If you don't have a humidifier, grouping kraussiana between two other plants will help to keep humidity levels high. In addition, misting it will have minimal effect on the plant.

Kraussiana is one of the most common houseplants. This type of moss will grow to a maximum height of four inches (10cm) and spread. Because it is a mat-forming plant, it is best kept in a terrarium or a small glass container. It thrives in high humidity. But it is best grown in a terrarium to maximize its chances of success.


Anthuriums thrive in a potting mix formulated specifically for orchids. This mix should contain a percentage of sand and peat moss. However, you can substitute this potting mix with a half-and-half mixture of houseplant potting soil and orchid potting soil. They do not perform well in lower lighting levels, and they will grow slower and produce fewer flowers.

The Bouqs offers fast shipping and same-day delivery of Anthurium plants to anywhere in the United States. Besides offering a large selection of eclectic anthurium plants, this online store also has an excellent community of fellow plant lovers. The Bouqs has a team of experienced plant care experts and a growing community of plant enthusiasts who share a common love of modern house plants. It is possible to purchase anthuriums from any of these online retailers.

You can choose between earth-toned and colorful anthuriums. Earth-toned varieties tend to do well in low-light rooms, and will bloom best in warmer temperatures. For winter-growing months, however, they prefer cooler temperatures. Make sure to place your Anthurium away from heating vents, air conditioning, and drafts. Anthurium plants are very easy to care for and look gorgeous in almost any indoor space.

Anthuriums thrive in a moist environment, so watering them frequently is essential to their health. A dry soil will cause root rot. However, they will bounce back after a watering, so it's important to monitor the humidity level. If possible, consider using a humidifier to help raise the humidity level. If not, misting your plant will help maintain the proper humidity level.

You can use cut flowers and Anthuriums as accents in your interior. Their versatility allows you to incorporate them into many different areas of your home. And because they're so easy to maintain and come in a variety of colors, they can easily be mixed with any color scheme. So, whether you're looking to update your entire home or just add a pop of color, Anthurium Floris is sure to do the trick.

A heart-shaped bloom on the anthurium is a classic feature of this plant, making it a perennial favorite for your home. It also increases your mood and improves your ability to achieve your goals. Ferns are also a classic houseplant choice. Their deep green fronds and fine texture will match any decor. They don't like their soil to dry out, so they should be kept in moderate humidity.

Monstera deliciosa

If you are looking for an indoor plant that is both easy to maintain and stylish, look no further than the Monstera deliciosa. This plant is native to Mexico and enjoys humid, warm environments. Its unusual growth habit makes it a great choice for those who don't want to spend too much time caring for their plant. Millennials, in particular, love this plant, as it requires little care and can thrive with minimal lighting.

To care for your Monstera, keep it moist but not soggy. To keep the soil damp, water the plant when the top few inches are dry. Avoid overwatering because this plant does not like a wet root system. If you don't want to use a fertilizer, you can use a balanced liquid fertilizer. In summer, feed it monthly and stop feeding it during winter months.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned plant person, this plant will add a stylish touch to your room. Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa is an unusually beautiful houseplant that grows up to 70 feet tall. Its leaves are divided and have holes similar to those of Swiss cheese. You can find them in many retail locations. They make excellent gifts for the holidays or anytime you want to express your love for plants.

The Monstera fern has become an iconic icon in our modern culture. It is so ubiquitous now that it can be found on everything from tableware to smartphone cases. And the good news is that they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. No wonder millennials love them. They are the perfect plant for any modern home. So make your home feel like an exotic retreat with this plant. It's the perfect way to express yourself without spending too much money.

If you're looking for a plant that is easy to maintain and can grow without a lot of fuss, consider the Monstera deliciosa. Its large, drooping leaves are a conversation starter, but it's not particularly pretty. Its leaves and roots are toxic to cats, and its sap is bad for humans. If you are in a small flat or live in an apartment, Monstera deliciosa is not a good choice for this room.

For proper care of your Monstera, make sure you have a larger growpot than the one it came in at the nursery. Choose a planter with proper drainage holes. This will prevent the excess water from dripping out and drowning your plant's roots. If you're unsure of how much water your Monstera needs, you can use a soil probe to determine the amount of moisture in the soil.

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