Best Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cones & Toppings in 2022

Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cones Toppings

If you're on a gluten-free diet, there are many ways to enjoy ice cream cones. With gluten-free alternatives available in the market, you can enjoy the same great taste and texture as traditional ice cream cones. You can serve them with ice cream, cupcakes, or just enjoy them on their own.


Gluten-free ice cream cone toppings can be deliciously sweet and deliciously simple. These simple recipes include everything from mini marshmallows to chocolate sauce. Crushed nuts and sprinkles can be sprinkled on top to top off your treat. You can keep these delicious treats in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

To make gluten-free cones, you can start by making a batter. It comes together easily and uses ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. You'll also need a baking sheet, an offset palette knife, and a bowl or tray. To make the cones, mix together sorghum flour, tapioca flour, sugar, and vanilla. Add half of the batter to the melted butter and stir until it's combined. Once the batter is ready, use a cookie cutter or a cookie scoop to cut out cone shapes.

While you can buy premade gluten-free cones at many ice cream stores, you can also make them yourself in a matter of minutes. Using a pizzelle iron, you can make gluten-free waffle cones. The gluten-free flour and vegan butter make these cones dairy-free and safe for your diet.

Once you've made the base, you're ready to add the toppings. Vanilla buttercream is a common choice. This kind of frosting will give a whippy look to your cone. You can also try mocha frosting on top of your cone. Mocha is a delicious addition to the sponge and doesn't overwhelm the taste. It's a fun and different twist on the traditional recipe.


Topping your ice cream cone is a fun way to get kids involved. You can use sprinkles or melted chocolate to decorate the cone. Crushed nuts are also a great way to top off the cone. They stay crisp for a couple of days if stored in a sealed jar.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gluten-free options for ice cream cones. You can find them at Goldbaum's or even in some stores like Target and Walmart. Another great option is Joy brand cake cups and sugar cones, both of which are easy to find at a local grocery store. Alternatively, you can order them online.

To make your own gluten-free ice cream cones, use a waffle cone maker. Use a gluten-free one-to-one flour mix for the batter. In addition, use two eggs if you want a cake-like cone. If you substitute chia or flax eggs for eggs, the ice cream will not be as cake-like.

If you have a serious allergy to wheat, it is important to be clear about your requirements. Most ice cream shops do not take into account customers with allergies and are unconcerned with your health. Therefore, it is important to ask the server about their policies about serving gluten-free ice cream cones. Also, ask the server to use a different ice cream scoop and to change their gloves if necessary.


There are a variety of ways to substitute flour and sugar in your ice cream cone recipe. Coconut flour can be substituted for standard gluten-free flour, and you can use non-dairy milk instead of butter. You can also replace refined sugar with unrefined agave nectar.

A simple substitution for sugar in ice cream cone toppings involves replacing it with erythritol. Erythritol ice cream cones take a little longer to cook, but they are easier to shape. Alternatively, you can bake vanilla cake cones and decorate them with a dairy-free buttercream.

Another delicious alternative to traditional cone flavors are pretzel cones. These cones are made from wheat flour, sugar, and salt, and are an ideal base for rich ice cream flavors. Their lightly salted exterior emphasizes the sweetness of the ice cream. These cones are perfect for a one or two-scoop dessert.

In addition to erythritol, you can also use other wholegrain flours. You can also swap sorghum flour for tapioca flour. In either case, ice cream cones will keep for about a week. The best flavor will be obtained within the first two days after baking. If you don't plan on eating them all within a week, you can store them in an air-tight tin.

Luckily, there are plenty of ice cream cones that are gluten-free. These are commonly available at most ice cream stores. However, you can also order them from online sources. This way, you can enjoy delicious ice cream without worrying about the potential for cross-contamination.


You can make gluten-free ice cream cones at home using ingredients found in your pantry. These are made with an easy batter that comes together quickly. It is important to shape the cones while they are still warm, as they will stiffen up once they cool. Here are some ideas for fun toppings for your cones.

To make your own gluten-free ice cream cones, just mix together the ingredients listed below. You can either purchase pre-made gluten-free cones, or make them yourself. These homemade gluten-free cones are incredibly easy to make, and they keep for weeks when stored in an airtight container.

Some ice cream shops are committed to serving a gluten-free option for their customers. Goldbaum's is one of these brands, and they are available on Amazon and in some grocery stores. Another option is the Joy brand, which has a line of gluten-free cones, as well as a line of cake cups. These are also available at Walmart and Target.

You can also make your own gluten-free waffle cones by using an iron and a waffle maker. Just make sure you use a gluten-free flour blend. Toppings can include almond extract, toasted sesame seeds, or poppy seeds. You can also try adding a lemon zest to the ice cream for a lemon-poppy seed cone. You can also dip the rim of the cone in melted chocolate or sprinkles.

There are so many flavors of ice cream available. Whether it's strawberry, vanilla, or banana, ice cream cones are an essential part of the ice cream experience. However, if you're on a gluten-free diet, you'll need to make sure you check every ingredient. By checking the labels, you'll be able to avoid the gluten-containing toppings.

Choosing an ice cream shop

If you're on a gluten-free diet, you should choose an ice cream shop with gluten-free cone toppings. Most ice cream shops have gluten-free flavors, but it's important to check for cross-contamination. Generally, workers don't thoroughly wash their scoops, so even if a cone topping is safe for someone without celiac disease, it may still contain traces of gluten. You can ask the workers if they're aware of your dietary restrictions and what kind of gluten-free ingredients are in the ice cream.

You can ask for a gluten-free ice cream cone if the shop uses paper covers for its cones. This will help prevent messes and contamination on outside surfaces. Using jacketed cones also shows that they care about sanitation. This can help prevent the use of extra napkins. Jacketed cones also present the ice cream in a clean manner. This will also help you keep your hands clean and your cone clean.

Make sure that the ingredients of your cone are labeled. Certain flavors are more likely to contain gluten than others. If you can't tell, look for the words gluten-free on the ice cream's label. Similarly, many toppings, including cookie crumbles, can contain gluten. Choosing an ice cream shop with gluten free ice cream cone toppings is important for your health and safety.

When choosing an ice cream shop with gluten-free cone toppings, make sure the ice cream is scooped from a clean container. This way, the chances of cross-contamination are eliminated. In addition to cone toppings, you can also order gluten-free ice cream from an ice cream shop that has gluten-free cups.

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