Best Hint Flavored & Enhanced Drinking Water in 2022

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking Water

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water is a healthy alternative to sugar-laden water. It contains no calories or added potassium and tastes like blackberry, blueberry, and watermelon. It comes in a convenient Tetra pak container. It is available in grocery and specialty stores.

Has no calories

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water claims to be sugar-free and calorie-free. However, its ingredients aren't exactly "healthy," and the company has been the target of a class-action lawsuit due to its misleading claims. Hint Water is made with natural fruit oils and contains no sugar or calories. It also contains no sodium, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners.

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water is available in a variety of flavors. These flavors include mango, watermelon, strawberry-kiwi, lemon, crisp apple, peach, and pomegranate. Some varieties also contain artificial flavors, like grape, orange, and peach. Hint also offers low-calorie versions of its popular juices.

Hint Water is available from online retailers and can be purchased as a single bottle or as a monthly subscription. Subscriptions offer discounts of up to 20 percent, and customers can choose the frequency of delivery to match their schedule. If you want a regular supply of Hint Water, a monthly subscription is the best way to go. You can also customize the flavors that arrive with each shipment.

Hint Water is also low in sodium, as it contains zero milligrams of sodium. This is an important benefit for people on a low-carb or low-sodium diet. While many flavored drinks contain added sodium and sugar, Hint Water does not contain any of these.

Does not have added potassium

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water is available in bottles that are ready to drink. These bottles are made of plastic and have reduced environmental impact compared to glass bottles. These bottles also offer a higher content of nutrients. The company's brand of flavored water includes a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals. It's also free of added sugar and calories. The company also offers a distilled version of its water, called Smart Water. It contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Hint is also free from added sugar and high fructose corn syrup. This flavored water relies on natural flavors instead of artificial sweeteners. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. There's no sugar added to Hint Water, and it is suitable for people who follow strict low-carb diets.

Hint Water contains zero milligrams of sodium. It is good for people on strict diets and who are concerned about their sodium intake. Hint Water is also sugar-free, and does not contain added electrolytes. It is a healthy alternative for flavored water.

It is also free from artificial sweeteners, which may have adverse effects. It also does not have artificial colors. Some studies have linked artificial colors to health risks. Although "natural flavors" are used in Hint Water, they are not necessarily safe for the body. Hint Water also uses propylene glycol as a solvent. This solvent does not need to be listed on the label, but it can be detected in lab tests.

Tastes like watermelon, blackberry, and blueberry lemon

Hint Enhanced Drinking Water is a delicious, natural drink that is naturally sweet and zero-calorie. It contains watermelon and organic lemon juice, as well as a variety of natural flavors. Its unique process of extracting the juice preserves its enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients. The water contains twelve grams of sugar, which comes from the naturally occurring fructose found in watermelon.

It also tastes refreshing and contains heart-healthy lycopene. Simply blend the fruit with ice to create a delicious watermelon smoothie. Enjoy! Just don't forget to drink lots of water! It may help curb your sweet tooth.

To create delicious flavored water, you can use your favorite fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Fresh, unbruised produce like strawberries, apples, and oranges will produce more flavorful flavored water. When choosing fruit, it's best to slice it rather than using the whole fruit, as it will release the flavor more easily. You can also use herbs and flowers in your water to enhance its taste. To create a delicious infused drink, you can use the fruits and vegetables in combination or separately.

Hint Enhanced Drinking Water is a high-quality, tasty drink that contains a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. Its unique organic structure means it hydrates your body more effectively than other brands.

Is packaged in Tetra boxes

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water is packaged in convenient, recyclable Tetra boxes. These boxes are designed to be kid-friendly and easy to pack. They also feature the right portion size for young palates. If you are concerned about the environment, this is an ideal beverage to promote healthy living.

The company sells 27 SKUs of premium flavored waters. Each one has zero calories, no added sugar, and no preservatives. The line features a variety of refreshing flavors and is non-GMO and WHOLE30 approved. The flavored water is also free of soy, nuts, and MSG.

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water is a great alternative to juice and sugar. The fruit-infused water is delicious and comes in kid-friendly containers, such as the Hint Kids Water. These bottles contain 6.75 fl oz of watermelon. It is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.


Hint water is a naturally flavored water infused with blackberry essence and other natural flavors. It contains zero calories and no added sugar or sweeteners. It is 100% vegan, sugar-free, and free from MSG, nuts, soy, gluten, and preservatives. The water is also certified by the NSF.

Hint Water is sold in single cases of twelve bottles for $16. Subscribers save 14 percent on each case. Hint offers monthly deliveries or a Mega Pack subscription for $48. This subscription option is perfect for those who want Hint Water delivered regularly. Hint Water is available in different flavors and is shipped directly to your door.

Hint water is an excellent choice for a healthy drink. It's flavor is delicious without sugar or calories. This product is also NON-GMO certified and free of MSG and soy. The company's unsweetened fruit-infused water is sugar and artificial-sweetener-free.

Hint water is a convenient, ready-to-drink alternative to soda and other beverages. It comes in plastic bottles, but it's available in large bottles for a lower environmental impact. Hint water is also available in gift boxes that are both convenient and inexpensive. A single case gift box costs $25, while a three-case gift box is $66.

Despite its all-natural label, the company has faced several lawsuits and class actions over the ingredients. Although Hint claims that it uses only natural flavors, lab tests reveal propylene glycol as a solvent. Although it's not legally required to list this ingredient, consumers may not expect it in their "all-natural" product.

Is available in subscription boxes

If you like the taste of Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water but don't want to spend a lot of money, you can subscribe to this water and receive a monthly supply of the flavored water. It comes in five different flavors and is sugar-free. You can get the flavored water in subscription boxes or at your local grocery store. Hint offers a handy store locator on its website to help you find your local store.

Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking water is a great option for people who are trying to stay away from sodas and juices. It has no calories, is sugar-free, and is sweetened with natural fruit extracts. Kara Goldin, the company's founder, wanted to make a healthy soda alternative that offered fruit flavors without adding any sugar. Hint also comes in kid-friendly flavors and is available at retail locations nationwide.

Hint offers a subscription service and one-time orders online. The subscription service offers discounts if subscribers buy three or more cases at once. Subscription boxes also have options for different delivery frequencies. You can choose to receive Hint Flavored Enhanced Drinking Water every two weeks, every month, or every 14 days.

Subscription boxes are a convenient way to receive Hint Water without having to worry about running out. Hint also offers discounts to companies whose employees value their health. You can get a case of Hint Water Original for $16 or choose a three or six or twelve-bottle box.

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