Best Lakewood Juices Juices in 2022

Lakewood Juices Review

If you are interested in drinking pure, organic and premium juices, consider purchasing juice from Lakewood Juices. Unlike most juice brands, Lakewood Juices offer their juices in glass bottles. That's rare in today's world, and it's a great way to be sure that you are drinking 100% juice with nothing else added. Read on to find out why. Also, consider their premium and natural strength juices.


Organic Lakewood Juices have been made in Miami since 1935. The juices are USDA Certified Organic, ensuring a higher standard for your juice. Organic products are grown and harvested according to strict standards, and are free of additives, growth regulators, and other banned substances. In addition to being naturally sweet, they are allergen-free and unsweetened. Whether you drink them straight from the bottle, or add them to fruit cocktails, you'll love how refreshing and natural they are!

Lakewood juices are 100% pure and do not contain any preservatives or colorings. They are full-strength, with an acid content of 5%. You can drink two tablespoons of juice, equal to the juice of one lime. They do settle, so it's best to shake them well before serving. If you don't drink them right away, the flavor will lose its freshness. This juice should be refrigerated for two to four weeks after opening.


Made in Miami, Lakewood Juice Co has been crafting organic and natural juices for the community since 1935. Lakewood's Pineapple juice is highly addictive and is a great way to cut the bitterness of green smoothies. Pineapples also contain an enzyme called bromelain, which helps to reduce swelling associated with physical activity. Pineapple juice also makes a delicious fruit cocktail. Here are some of the best-selling flavors.

Pure Black Cherry Juice is the highest-quality juice available. This juice is blended with six to eight ounces of water. You can mix it with another juice or ice to create a healthy smoothie. It should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within two to four weeks. Store it in a non-breakable container or ice cubes. This juice settles slightly, so it may be better to serve it chilled. It is also free of preservatives and additives. Lakewood Juices Natural has a Florida Organic Growers and Consumers certification and is not made from concentrate.

Certified Organic: This brand uses certified organic products grown and harvested under strict guidelines. This way, the juice is free of additives, growth regulators, and prohibited substances. The juices also contain more than three pounds of organic aloe. The juices are pressed and vacuum-sealed in Certified Organic Facilities. All Lakewood Juices are natural and allergen-free. One bottle of Lakewood Juices contains three pounds of pure, organic aloe.

Natural strength

Lakewood Juices Natural strength is a premium fruit juice that's made with over 3 pounds of organic aloe per bottle. You can mix this juice with a cold fruit juice of your choice, or add it to a glass of water for a refreshing beverage. It's best to keep Lakewood Juices refrigerated once opened, and use within 2 to 4 weeks. Store Lakewood Juices in a non-breakable container, since it may settle. Because Lakewood juices don't have preservatives, they're pasteurized, vacuum-sealed, and contain no sugar or artificial ingredients.

Pure Lemon Juice is the same thing, only better. Lakewood lemon juice is organic, not diluted. The lemon juice is 5% acid, so you're getting a full serving of fruit. To avoid getting a sour taste, shake the bottle before serving. Moreover, you should store Lakewood Juices Natural strength in a refrigerator after opening. This way, the lemon juice won't spoil.


If you are looking for the freshest juice on the market, look no further than Lakewood Juices Premium. These fresh-pressed juices are 100% juice and are produced in glass bottles. In today's world, it's rare to find a juice product with no additives. Not only that, but Lakewood also produces organic juices as well. In fact, this company is the only one to use the same standards of quality in their production as the US Department of Agriculture.

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