Best Maison Orphee Snack Foods for Babies in 2022

Maison Orphee Snack Foods For Babies

This French company has a wide variety of snacks for babies. Its BabyBlends range from single-ingredient purees to more sophisticated ones. These snacks come with a spoon called a "little spoon" and also contain a multivitamin and a probiotic. The company also offers booster products including a powdered food-based multivitamin. You can purchase these products as single servings or as a subscription.

Earth's Best Organics

Designed specifically for baby's taste buds, Earth's Best Organics Maison Orphée snacks for babies feature authentic tastes made with natural ingredients. Made from first-cold-pressed oils, these tasty snacks are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The snack ingredients include organic cane sugar, poppy seeds, and garlic and onion. Since this product is made with organic ingredients, it's best to try it before you purchase it to avoid any possible bacterial contamination.

Maison Orphee offers healthy, organic baby foods in convenient packaging. Its team believes that all people should have the opportunity to enjoy delicious products without sacrificing the health of the planet. They have a wide selection of organic baby foods and snack foods, including purees, frozen pancakes, and dissolvable soft solids. For parents, the organic line also offers teething biscuits and purees for babies.

Happy Family

Organic ingredients are crucial to a healthy diet for babies and toddlers, and this is especially true when it comes to snack foods. Many companies do not realize the health benefits of adding extra virgin olive oil to baby food, but it is an important part of this wholesome formula. The French company's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains only the best ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil, basil and a touch of garlic. The company's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no artificial flavors or colors, and is certified by the USDA as non-GMO.

The company is committed to providing children with a healthy future. Happy Family Organics shares that mission. In addition to producing organic foods, the company's Organic Happy Baby Savory Blends snacks for babies have one-half serving of fruits and vegetables per pouch. Happy Family Organics is one of the few baby food companies to join the Veggies Early & Often campaign, and has committed to double the amount of vegetable-forward products in the next three years.

Ella's Kitchen

In addition to offering snacks and meals for your baby, Maison Orphee makes a line of vinegars, including organic and non-GMO. They also produce a wide range of high-quality sea salts that come from salt marshes off the Atlantic coast of France. These salts are hand-harvested and certified organic. The brand offers recipes, including a salt and vinegar vinaigrette.


Maison Orphee Cerebelly is a snack food for babies that provides essential nutrients for the brain. Cerebelly bars contain no added sugar and are packed with protein. They keep babies full longer, and are a perfect size for small bellies. This product is loaded with zinc, iron, vitamin C, and other brain-supporting nutrients. The snack bar has a high protein content, so your little one won't feel hungry for long.

Cerebelly pouches are shelf-stable and are free of added sugars, MSG, and other preservatives. This snack food has 16 brain-supporting nutrients and is safe for your baby's digestive system and organs. The company's eco-friendly commitment also extends to packaging materials. The pouches can last for 18 months. Parents can recycle the caps and pouches through its partnership with TerraCycle.

Developed by a Ph.D. in developmental neurobiology, Cerebelly has been designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing babies. Teresa Purzner's expertise in neuroscience combines her expertise in food and baby nutrition to create healthy, organic, and fresh options. Each product is designed to promote healthy brain development. In addition, the company emphasizes the quality of its ingredients and uses a science-first approach when developing their products.

The range of Cerebelly snack food includes purees, smoothie-inspired foods, and smart bars. Each type of snack contains specific nutrients for different stages of development. Cerebelly also contains no added sugar or fillers, which makes them a healthy snack for your child. A tasty snack, Cerebelly products are the perfect addition to any toddler's meal. They can also be used as snacks.

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