Best Maison Routin Flavouring Syrups in 2022

Maison Routin Flavouring Syrups

From its French Alps location, 1883 Maison Routin has been creating beverage flavourings for over 130 years. This exceptional natural environment benefits 1883 premium syrups by preserving aromas and flavors. 1883 has a long-standing heritage of craftsmanship, and its focus on taste purity, aromatic intensity, and flavor authenticity is unmatched. This dedication to quality and innovation results in syrups that are unparalleled in quality and aromatic intensity.


For a nutty roasted hazelnut flavor, look no further than 1883 Roasted Hazelnut Syrup. Available in a liter glass bottle, this syrup will provide your favorite beverages with a smooth nutty taste. Designed in its natural birthplace in the French Alps, this syrup is known for its authenticity, purity, and aromatic intensity.

The brand is renowned for its unparalleled expertise in complex aromatic formulations. In 1987, Maison Routin created Europe's first sensory analysis laboratory, Lab 1883. It is based on the "aromatic spectrum" method developed by Jean-Noel Jaubert in the prestigious CNRS national research institute. Throughout its history, the company has developed over 2000 references for its flavours, which are characterized by their olfactory, palatable, and gustatory characteristics.

Inspired by great perfumes, wine, and chefs, 1883 has crafted an exquisite range of premium syrups for the beverage industry. The company constantly refines its collection to meet the needs of industry professionals. Each syrup undergoes an audit by bartenders and baristas. During the process, the company ensures that the flavours of their syrups are compatible with the changing tastes and practices of the industry. In close collaboration with its marketing department, 1883 creates its ideal syrups.

This Hazelnut flavouring syrup has a rich, nutty flavour and can be used to enhance various beverages. For example, you can add it to your favorite smoothie, milkshake, or frappe for a delicious treat. You can also use the syrup in cooking and baking. However, you should keep in mind that this syrup is only available within Canada. As a result, free shipping is not applicable for this syrup.


Maison Routin is known for its high-quality flavouring syrups. They are available in many varieties, from the classic to the experimental, and have been a staple of French coffeehouses since 1883. Amaretto syrup, for example, is a rich brown in colour with a distinctive almond fragrance. A hint of almond flavour is present in the aftertaste and accentuates the coffee's flavour.

This milky white almond syrup has a delicate almond flavor, and is ideal for making coffee, hot chocolate, and cocktails. This syrup is produced in a state-of-the-art sensory analysis lab in France. It is guided by Jean-Noel Jaubert's theory of the "aromatic spectrum" based on which 20 different sensorial feelings are classified. The official aroma archive contains 2000 references.

Yuzu Lemon is the latest addition to Maison Routin's range of flavouring syrups. Its sweet citrus flavours and delicate mandarin undertones are complimented by a range of aromatic herbs and fleshy fruits. The flavour of this new addition is best enjoyed as part of a fruity cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage. You can even use it to make pumpkin spice lattes.

Amoretti syrups are great in coffee and apple cocktails. Fruit syrups are an excellent way to make a boozy cocktail taste more innocent. Amoretti syrups come in various flavours, from orange to pomegranate. Their sugar-free range makes them ideal for mixing with other liquids without curdling. This range also includes hickory smoke, pumpkin pie, and violet-lavender.


Maison Routin Vanilla flavouring syrup is a sugar-free, vegan, kosher, and halal certified product. Made from 35 plant species, it contains rich vanilla flavor. Made in France, Maison Routin uses sugar-free, non-GMO ingredients to make this flavouring syrup. It is perfect for ice cream, sorbets, and more! And it's available in many different flavours!

Masion Routin is a company that's been creating premium flavouring syrups for over a century. They offer a variety of different varieties that add a natural, elegant, and delicious taste to any beverage. They're also great for mixing with sodas, ice cream, and coffee and espresso. Here's a quick review of the Vanilla flavouring syrup:

Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup: This flavouring syrup is unbeatably rich. It works perfectly in coffee, smoothies, and sodas - anything that needs a hint of vanilla! It's vegan, kosher, and halal, and made from 35 plant species. Maison Routin Vanilla flavouring syrup is a sugar-free option that doesn't skimp on flavor or texture.

1883 Vanilla Syrup: Located in France, the French Alps, the 1883 Vanilla Syrup is a gourmet beverage for any occasion. The blend of red berries and vanilla makes this flavouring syrup a popular choice for bars, restaurants, and cafés. This syrup is gluten-free, kosher, and cholesterol-free, and can be used in coffee, soda, or granitas.

French Vanilla 1883: The elegant fragrance of the bourbon vanilla bean is highlighted by this delicious syrup. Its smooth, silky taste develops a full, complex vanilla flavour with a hint of toasted wood. Made from natural cane sugar, this syrup gives any drink an exquisite taste! You'll never feel the need to buy an expensive bottle again! So, try it out today! You'll be glad you did!

Salted Caramel

If you love the taste of caramel, then you must try Maison Routin 1883 Salted Caramel Syrup. Its light, salty flavour enhances many drinks, including banana, milkshakes, chocolate, coffee, and cocktails. This flavouring syrup is available in bottles and is great to add to your cupboard. It can be used in many ways, including mixing it with other ingredients in your favorite recipes.

This caramel syrup is packaged in a PET bottle with a label that states it is vegetarian friendly. It is also certified Kosher and cholesterol-free. It can be used in both hot and cold milk. One litre of this syrup can be used for approximately 125 shots in hot drinks. If you add a banana, it turns into a banana-caramel banoffee.

Made with pure Alpine water, Salted Caramel 1883 syrup has a golden sparkle and develops an intense salted caramel aroma with notes of butter and caramelized sugar. Due to FDA regulations, this product can only be shipped to Canada. If you purchase it from a Canadian retailer, the shipping cost may be cheaper. However, the syrup cannot be shipped internationally. So you'll have to pay the shipping costs yourself.

The taste is incredibly rich and caramel-like. The aroma is distinctly sweet, and the caramel taste is strong. The caramel flavour is tempered by a hint of salt. When mixed with other flavours, this syrup makes delicious treats. If you enjoy the taste of caramel, Maison Routin is a great option. Just make sure to try it out. It's worth it!

French Nougat

If you're fond of classic French cuisine, you'll love Maison Routin's 1883 French Nougat flavouring syrup. This sweet and aromatic syrup contains intense notes of almond, honey, orange blossom, roasted scents, and vanilla. It blends well with hot and cold drinks, and will elevate the taste of ice cream, desserts, and pastries. Available in glass bottles, 1883 French Nougat syrup is also vegan and non-GMO.

The brand has introduced a new range of syrups for both coffee and cocktails. They use water from the French Alps to create the syrups, and they're part of the brand's new 'up-tempo' identity. The new bottles have a square-edged design with a gentle shoulder and a slim neck, and are more portable than previous versions. The new syrups are also branded to reflect their main ingredient.

In addition to their traditional Nougat flavouring syrup, Maison Routin also offers a wide variety of other sweeteners. They have flavours for coffee, tea, and espresso, and they can even be used in cooking. This is why they are the perfect complement to coffee, tea, and espresso. And you can even thicken them with Kool Kup thickening powder. They can also be added to smoothies, milkshakes, and frappes.

The company also features a sensory analysis lab. The Lab 1883 is Europe's first such facility. The research team follows Jean-Noel Jaubert's "aromatic spectrum" in order to classify sensorial emotions. The resulting database contains 2000 references. In addition to these two, the brand is proud to be one of the only brands to use this process, which ensures their syrups have a high quality.

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