Best morinaga Fruity Flavored Candies in 2022

Morinaga Fruity Flavored Candies

If you're looking for a delicious candy that is not only nutritious but also tasty, you should try the Morinaga Fruity Flavored Candies. Taichiro Morinaga first discovered the business while visiting the United States. After gaining the knowledge he needed to get started in the confectionary industry, he brought it back to Japan. Today, his company, Morinaga & Co., offers a wide variety of items for all tastes and preferences.

HI-CHEW Plus Fruit

If you're in the market for some delicious candy, consider HI-CHEW Plus Fruity Flavored Morinaga Candies. These popular Japanese confections have been around since the early 1970s. Morinaga has expanded its product line to include over 200 flavors. The company conducts extensive research to determine the best flavors, exploring consumer preferences and changing trends. HI-CHEW is a popular brand in the US and Japan.

The HI-CHEW Plus Fruity Flavored Morinaga Candies come in 22 different flavors, including two limited-edition varieties. Fruit Combos, which combine a pineapple and coconut flavor, are a popular combination among Morinaga fans. As a result of the popularity of HI-CHEW, Morinaga has taken research and development seriously. HI-CHEW flavor selections change frequently to meet consumer demand. A new manufacturing facility in Mebane, North Carolina, makes HI-CHEW Plus Fruity Flavored Morinaga Candies in different flavors.

Hi-CHEW is an iconic Japanese chewy candy. Its fruity flavor blends perfectly with any drink, ranging from tea and coffee to banana. The Hi-Chew brand is distributed worldwide, with some regions releasing their own versions of Hi-Chew. In Hawaii, for example, Hi-Chew is available in strawberry cheesecake, banana, and pineapple. The company has even introduced Hi-Chew in individually wrapped packs.

Hi-CHEW fruit chews have a double layer of fruit flavor. The strawberry and mango pieces are made with real fruit juices. The sugar content is less than that of traditional fruit chews. Hi-CHEW Plus fruit chews contain no artificial colors or flavors, and they are gluten-free. Hi-CHEW fruity chews are available at select retailers. Each two-ounce pack contains approximately eighteen pieces.

HI-CHEWTM Fruit is the most popular flavor of Hi-CHEW candy. Its intense fruit flavor is a unique combination of citrus, apple, and strawberry. The chews are individually wrapped with fruit pieces. The fruit pieces in Hi-CHEW Plus Fruit release the flavor as you chew. It's an excellent choice for anyone who loves fruit-flavored candies.


In an effort to compete in the East Meets West Flavor Challenge, Morinaga has created two new fruity candies, Lilikoi and Hi-Chew. Based on the Hawaiian fruit, Lilikoi has the best balance of flavors. It tastes like tropical punch with a hint of kiwi. Its texture is chewy and reminiscent of mochi.

Hi-Chew, a chewy candy, hails from Japan. First released in the 1950s, HI-CHEW candies have since spread across Asia. HI-CHEW(tm) is the best-selling soft candy in Japan, and sales continue to climb across Asia. Hi-Chew candies come in sticks, peg bags, and stand-up pouches. These candies are deliciously chewy and have a great flavor.

Hi-Chew candies from Morinaga are chewy and contain real fruit juice. Its sweet, big fruity taste is incredibly addictive. Both varieties are available in a variety of fruit flavors, including pineapple and passion fruit. A tasty treat that is sure to please even the pickiest palates, Lilikoi is a favorite among kids and adults. If you want to find more information on Lilikoi and Morinaga Fruity Flavored Candies, visit the website below.


If you love pineapple, you will love Morinaga's Fruity Flavored Candies, which are made with real pineapple juice. This candy was created by crossing the techniques of milk caramels and new technology. Each morinaga kiss contains two distinct layers, giving you a burst of real fruit flavor. The Morinaga Kisses are gluten-free and made from concentrated fruit juice.

The company's Hi-Chew candy, which first hit the market in 1975, became a cultural icon in Japan. The hard candy feels like chewing gum and gets softer as you chew. Hi-Chew candies are more juicy than standard candies and are great for lasting energy. They also come in a variety of flavors, such as strawberry and banana. They are also available in peg bags and are available in a range of delicious fruit flavors.

Sakuma DROPS

Japanese candy, Sakuma DROPS, has a unique and nostalgic appeal. These transparent candies are available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, peppermint, and fruit. First produced more than 100 years ago, the Japanese candy has now become a global icon. Traditionally sold in a tin with a pull-tab tin cap, these hard candies are available in a variety of flavors. Their intense flavor will remind you of the childhood pleasure of eating hard candy drops.

A favorite among kids and adults alike, Sakuma Drops come in a retro yellow tin. They are filled with a wide variety of fruit flavors and some even act as throat lozenges. The most famous throat lozenge is the Ryukakusan Herbal Drop, which is made from 19 different herbal extracts, including chamomile and Chinese quince. These mouthwatering candies are a favorite of children and adults alike, and are also packed with carbohydrates.

Another popular Japanese candy is the Hi-Chew, which came out in 1975. The chewy candies come in a variety of flavors, but the seasonal ones are sold only in Japan. They contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and Damask rose oil. Hi-Chew has a crunchy outer shell and comes in a variety of flavors, including strawberry rose, mixed berry, citrus, and raspberry.

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