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Design A Bunch has a great selection of indoor plants for every room of your home. Whether you'd like a colorful flowering plant or a low-maintenance plant that will need very little care, these plants can make your home look beautiful.

Angel's trumpet is a tropical tree

Angel's trumpet is a tropical tree native to South America and parts of Africa. This tree has a distinctively elongated flower and coarse textured leaves. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces and can survive winter in a warm, shady location. Keep the plant moist but not soggy. It will require less watering during the winter, but will require regular watering once the temperature rises.

Angel's trumpet's leaves are medium green and medium in size. They vary in shape and texture, and some varieties have serrated, smooth-edged, or variegated leaves. The Snowbank angel's trumpet variety has mid-green leaves with a bright-cream outer border. To propagate this tree, make a cutting and plant it in moist soil. In a few weeks, it will grow roots.

An angel's trumpet can grow to be several feet tall in a season in a warm climate. It can tolerate a fair amount of direct sun, but it would be best to plant it in a spot with afternoon shade. The flower is a popular attraction among hummingbirds, so it's good to know that it doesn't mind partial shade.

Angel's trumpet plants are best grown in a pot with well-drained soil, with a slightly larger hole than the plant's root diameter. The soil should contain organic matter, such as compost, bark fines, and well-rotted leaf mold. Commercial pot soil blends are also an option. In colder climates, these plants should be transplanted indoors before the first frost.

Plumeria is a flower used in Hawaiian leis

Plumeria is a beautiful flower used in Hawaiian leis. The flowers of this plant are widely available and can be found in many different parts of the world. They are fragrant and can come in several colors. These plants are widely used in leis and are popular gifts for weddings and other occasions. Their leaves are large and may be either evergreen or deciduous.

Pikake or Hawaiian scented plumeria is another popular flower used for leis. This flower is native to Mexico, but is now grown in Hawaii because it grows well in warm climates. It grows best in soil that is well-drained and is slightly acidic. This flower has a long blooming period and will not die if placed outdoors in the winter.

Plumeria is a tropical plant that grows in sunny climates. Although it is native to the islands, it is also found on the mainland. In warm climates, plumeria can be planted in flower beds. When used in a leis, they are grouped together in a small arrangement or in pots. When grown in pots, plumeria will grow smaller and can be stored indoors during the winter. It has a delicate scent and can be grown near a bench.

In Hawaii, the Plumeria flower has special symbolic meaning. The flowers are beautiful, and they are used to symbolize various aspects of a person's life. In addition, they are used to symbolize a woman's relationship status. A woman wearing a plumeria over her right ear means that she is single, while a woman wearing a plumeria over her left ear means she is taken.


If you're looking for a low-maintenance plant for your indoor garden, consider the black-eyed susans. They're a favorite of many gardeners because they're hardy and easy to grow. These plants have lacy foliage and fluffy, long-lasting plumes. And since they're perennial, they can survive a variety of soil conditions, making them perfect for the beginner gardener.

Marantha leuconeura

Maranta leuconeura is an evergreen tropical plant that is commonly grown as an indoor plant. Its deep green leaves have a tricolor pattern and arching red veins on the underside. Maranta leuconeura is a native of Brazil.

This plant grows in a wide range of pot sizes. The 4" prayer plant is one such example. It has a wide range of color options, from a simple white flower to a stunning pink flower. It comes in several varieties including kerchoveana and massangeana.

This prayer plant grows best in normal household temperatures, between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures will damage its leaves. This plant also prefers a humid environment. Adding a small humidifier and a water tray will help it stay healthy. Misting the leaves will also help. The most common variety of prayer plant is M. leuconeura erythrophylla. The red veins on the leaves make it look like a herringbone.


A beautiful plant to add to any room, Stephanotis, Nature's Blossom is native to Madagascar, China, and Japan. The plants' vines can reach five feet in height, but will stay much smaller indoors. The vine can be trained to grow in a variety of shapes, from wrapping itself around a light fitting to climbing up a standing lamp.

For long-term health and re-flowering, Stephanotis needs adequate light. Avoid placing it in a dark location or over-watering it. If the leaves become dry or yellow, it may indicate an insect infestation. Fortunately, Stephanotis does not lose many leaves.

Because of their popularity, Stephanotis can be purchased at most home improvement and garden centres. However, it is less common at superstores. As a result, it can be quite expensive. However, it is well worth the price. This plant is a great way to bring a tropical atmosphere to your home.

The best way to keep your Stephanotis plant happy and healthy is to keep it in a container that is big enough for the plant to grow. Fill it about half full with potting soil and half with leaf mold. This organic matter will help the plant absorb important trace nutrients. Also, it will help acidify the soil between pH 5.5 and 6.5. For optimum growth, place the plant in a room that provides a cool root run.

The Stephanotis, Nature#039's Blossom, is a very fragrant indoor plant. The flowers, which are waxy and open in a star shape, smell fantastic. The foliage is dark green and shiny. The plant is usually trained to grow around an arch, but in its wild form, the plant is a flowering vine.

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