Best OLIVENATION Fruity Flavored Candies

OliveNation Fruity Flavored Candies

OLIVENATION Fruity Flavorated Candies are delicious little treats that are both fun and nutritious. With fun flavors like Strawberry Banana and Mini Fruit Jelly Slices, they're the perfect addition to any candy buffet or candy dish. You can even use them to decorate a cake. Here are a few of my favorite flavors. The Strawberry Banana Super Flavor is my favorite!

Mini Fruit Jelly Slices

OliveNation's Mini Fruit Jelly Slices are a favorite among adults and kids alike. They taste fruity and sweet. Choose from lime, watermelon, or orange flavors. They're also great for candy buffets and frosted cakes. You can't go wrong with these fun candies! Here are some ideas for how to serve them:

OliveNation Mini Fruit Jelly Slices are a perfect sweet snack or candy decoration. These mini fruit slices come in four fruity flavors: orange, lime, watermelon, cherry, and watermelon. They're great for frosted cakes, candy buffets, or party favors. You can also purchase them in bulk boxes. These boxes are convenient for repackaging into any size container.

Strawberry Banana Super Flavor

The OLIVENATION Strawberry Banana® Super Flavor is 3 to 4 times stronger than traditional alcohol-based extracts, making it the perfect choice for confections, chocolates, and hard candy. This flavor is gluten-free and safe for a range of food products. However, it should be noted that it may cause chocolate to thicken. To counteract this effect, add up to 1/2 teaspoon cocoa butter.

Strawberry Banana is an indica dominant hybrid with a 70 percent indica and 30% sativa ratio. It was developed by the Serious Seeds farms and is a cross of popular strains. It boasts an average THC content of 22-26% and is well balanced in both indica and sativa properties. This strain is popular with recreational consumers for its sweet and fruity flavor.

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