Best TAZO Tea Beverages in 2022

Tazo Tea Beverages

If you like to experiment with different flavors, you should try Tazo tea beverages. Their teas are popular and often feature unexpected ingredients. They source the finest teas from around the world and package them in convenient tea bags and concentrates. Tazo teas are priced affordably, and you can easily bring them to restaurants without worrying about them going bad. Let's take a closer look at what you can expect from Tazo.


The company that brought you Starbucks coffee may be looking to add another brand to its roster - Tazo Tea Beverages. Founded in 1994, Tazo was acquired by Starbucks for $8.1 million in 1999. The company sells tea in mass, convenience and grocery channels. Its offerings include bottled teas, K-Cup pods and RTDs. Although it is a global brand, Tazo is focused more on specialty teas and not coffee. In its long-term strategy, Starbucks hopes to build Tazo Tea into a billion-dollar company.

Tazo's tea beverage offerings range from iced tea to hot brewed tea. The standard hot brewed tea contains 1-2 tea bags and is served with 200-degree water. Add a dash of sugar for a sweeter beverage, or opt for a syrup. Starbucks has many different tea drinks that are both tasty and affordable. These include Earl Grey tea, Earl Grey lattes, and more.

At Starbucks, you can buy the ready-to-drink craft iced teas, which come in both bottled and glass varieties. These beverages contain 100 calories or less. Two of the bottled drinks are sparkling. The unsweetened sparkling drink contains 0 calories and is made with a green tea blend. The sparkling white tea with mango flavor has 80 calories. Another sparkling tea beverage, black tea with mango and lime flavor, has two pumps of syrup.

Tazo also offers specialty teas. Their teas are carefully blended and individually packed. There are black teas and green teas available. Each one is carefully crafted and delivers an entrancing taste. Tazo is kosher certified and ships within two to three business days. Once you've chosen your preferred tea beverage, you can buy it online and get your tea fast. Then, just tell your friends about the new brand!


If you're looking for a new drink to try, you've likely heard of PepsiCo Tea Beverages. This beverage company is an American conglomerate and owns the brands Tazo and Pure Premium. The company also manufactures other beverages, such as juiced teas and herbal infusions. PepsiCo and Unilever have partnered for years, and in 1990, they formed a joint venture to market and sell teas and other RTD products.

Pure Leaf tea is a premium tea that PepsiCo is taking on Coke's Golden Peak. Both companies use brewed tea leaves to create their drinks. Compared to Honest Tea, PepsiCo's Pure Leaf is the better tasting choice. And its company's tea blends use more than 400 pounds of tea leaves. This means PepsiCo teas are higher quality and have more caffeine than their competitors.

Unilever has been selling non-core businesses such as its canned drinks, and has been expanding its focus on core businesses. The Pepsi-Unilever partnership is a great way for Unilever to extend the brand into new markets. In addition to selling Lipton tea, the company also manufactures and distributes coffee products. Moreover, both companies have strong relationships with consumers and expect these deals to be successful.

A new oolong tea from Suntory PepsiCo Beverages is being rolled out in Thailand. Oolong tea is well-known for its purported health benefits and relaxing properties. Suntory PepsiCo Beverages has capitalized on the reputation of Japanese products. Survey results suggest that 53% of Thai consumers trust products from Asian countries. With more people turning to greener options to improve their lives, PepsiCo has an opportunity to expand its presence in the Thai market.


In a bid to increase its share of the herbal tea and green tea market, Unilever has been buying upstarts. In the fall, it announced plans to acquire the U.K. herbal tea brand Pukka. Tazo has also been a hot target for the company, which is now a major competitor of Starbucks. This sale shows that Unilever understands the benefits of investing in tea leaves and has a plan for the future.

Unilever's tea brand has recently introduced several new blends. Its new energy management blends contain 20 percent less sugar than other blends and are made from 100% recycled plastic. It is available in grocery and mass channels and has a suggested retail price of $1.99 per 12-ounce bottle, and a multi-serve version costs $3.79. Unilever TAZO Tea Beverages is a premium tea brand sold in many countries, including the U.S.

The company was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in London, England. Its products range from food and beverages to personal care products and cleaning agents. The company employs more than 14,000 people worldwide. In 2007, it generated $11 billion in sales. Although Unilever has expanded its offerings into the United States, the company's global reach is unmatched. The company has an international presence, with co-headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and London, the United Kingdom.

Starbucks recently sold its Tazo tea brand to Unilever PLC. The agreement involves the acquisition of the Tazo brand, its intellectual property, signature recipes, and inventories. The deal will cost around $8.1 million, according to a press release. Tazo tea is sold in stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores. The tea is also sold in K-Cup pods. Starbucks expects to focus on its popular Teavana brand, and will invest in its future.

Tazo Tea Company

If you are an herbal tea fan, you may have heard of the Tazo Tea Company. The company was founded in Portland, Oregon and is now a division of Ekaterra. They offer a wide variety of herbal teas, including a chamomile variety that's delicious. They have been around since 1976, but were founded in Portland in 1904.

The name of the company is derived from the Romany language and translates to "river of life." The tea is infused with the chants of a certified tea shaman, which carries an enchanted quality. Founder Steven Smith was in the tea business for 43 years and co-founded the Stash brand in 1972. He later founded Smith Teamaker, a premium artisan loose leaf brand, in 2009.

The company is expanding its green and herbal tea business. They're already a leader in tea and have made a habit of purchasing fast-growing upstarts. Their recent plans to acquire U.K. herbal tea brand Pukka will help them expand their existing business in this category. The Tazo brand may be an excellent investment for Unilever. It's hard to ignore the power of tea. The company also has established relationships with retailers.

Tazo has been around for more than twenty years, and it's always pushing the limits of tea with innovative blends. Their flagship tea, Earl Grey, is sourced from established gardens in Assam, Ceylon, and Sri Lanka. They also source exotic Darjeeling teas and more sophisticated herbals. And Tazo tea has been decaffeinated by high-pressure liquid CO2 process, which means that it doesn't contain any solvents.

The company may open a tea-centric coffee shop in places like Starbucks. Starbucks reported tea sales at 10 percent of their total U.S. retail sales. If that happens, Tazo may still maintain its quirky new age branding in these Old World countries. But it's worth watching how the company reacts to the potential threat. So, what's the future of Tazo? A global premium tea brand will soon be available to consumers across channels.

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