Best Teabloom Gourmet Gifts in 2022

Teabloom Gourmet Gifts Blooming Tea Set and Celebration Teapot

The Blooming Tea Set includes a glass teapot with matching infuser and 4 double-walled glasses. The set also comes with a charming floral tea and a mix to make scones that can be filled with double Devon cream or sweet strawberry preserve. Teabloom Gourmet Gifts are a great gift for a tea enthusiast who loves to enjoy a cup of tea at home.

Numi Teabloom Gourmet Gifts

If you're looking to buy a gift for a tea lover, consider the Numi Teabloom Gift Set. This gift set includes a 16 oz. glass tea infuser and four different teas: Breakfast Blend, Aged Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Moroccan Mint, and Chamomile Lemon. Each tea is packaged beautifully in a handcrafted bamboo box and comes complete with a set of six hand-sewn blossoms.

For a unique gift, consider the Teabloom glass teapot set. The set comes with a 40 ounce glass teapot, a removable glass infuser, and two jasmine-infused blooming tea flowers. A gold purse box adds to the charm of the gift, and the box itself features an English garden design. No matter the recipient, you'll find something to please them with this elegant set of gourmet teas.

Blooming tea set

The complete Teabloom Gourmet Gifts Blooming tea gift set comes with everything you need for a wonderful tea party. It includes a glass teapot with lid, an infuser, four 3.4 oz. glasses, and a canister containing 12 blossoming teas. The blooming tea flowers are edible and will slowly open to reveal a bouquet of aroma, flavor, and visual delight.

The gift set comes in a beautiful gold purse box, adorned with a beautiful bow. This set contains English Breakfast tea, premium black tea, and Biscotti cookies. The set also contains a box featuring an English garden design. It makes the perfect gift for a tea lover.

The Blooming tea set also includes a beautiful glass teapot with red Venetian glass handle. The Teapot Duo comes with a heat-resistant handle and a stainless filter for brewing the perfect cup of tea. A tealight candle is included to add to the ambiance. The glass teapot is made of borosilicate glass and the infuser and warmer are made of durable porcelain.

If you know a tea lover, then this Blooming tea set is the perfect gift for them. The white porcelain teapot will match the décor of the recipient's home, and the set even includes some sweets! The entire set celebrates tea and everything it represents. Whether you're giving the gift to a loved one or a new homeowner, the Blooming tea set is a thoughtful gift.

This tea gift basket comes complete with a variety of teas and a set of honey spoons. It's also presented in a gold box, complete with a hand-wrapped bow. It's perfect for a special occasion or for any tea lover. The gift box also comes with pyramid-shaped tea bags, which are a convenient alternative to loose tea. The fruity varieties include Peach Oolong and Blueberry White tea, while mint lovers will enjoy Peppermint tea.

Celebration teapot

The elegant design of the Celebration teapot is reminiscent of a classic English teapot, with clean lines and perfect proportions. It's made from high quality materials, including heat-resistant borosilicate glass. This makes the pot safe for both the stovetop and dishwasher, while maintaining a pure taste of tea. The handle is extra wide and the spout is non-drip.

The set comes with an elegant black box featuring the company's logo. The set also includes reusable, decorative tins and filter bags. The set will make a great gift, and will surely leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Teabloom is known for creating stunning glass teaware and inspiring teas. The Celebration teapot makes it easy to celebrate the joy of tea and all it has to offer.

The brand's mission is to help create better standards for the industry and relive classic tea experiences for modern-day tea lovers. In the process, the company aims to raise the standards of tea making and to provide a better environment for tea drinkers everywhere. The company also aims to ensure that its products are packaged in biodegradable packaging.

Silver tea with dried flowers

A gift of silver tea with dried flowers is a wonderful way to show someone how much you care. The Silver Tea Needles are the solitary tips of tea plants, harvested by hand from the tea terraces of Yunnan Province. After picking and drying, these tiny leaves are processed into loose leaf white tea.

This delicate blend is packed in individual wrappers. It is best stored in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. It should not be opened until it is ready to be brewed. Although the tea leaves may appear dirty and off-white, they have a lovely bloom inside. You may wonder how the tea-blooming process started. Today, the process is still an art.

This gift package includes a glass tea warmer, glass tea pot, four double walled glasses, and a canister of twelve blooming teas. Each tea bloom releases a flowering bulb that releases flavonoids, catechins, and antioxidants. The flowers are carefully chosen for their unique health benefits. The tea blossoms are individually wrapped in a tea leaf bundle and allowed to dry for a few months before being packaged for gifting.

Flower tea is an excellent gift idea for any occasion. It combines the flavor of tea with the beauty of flowers. The flowers are hand-picked with integrity and picked at their peak time, ensuring the highest quality flower tea. After the flowers have been harvested, the dried buds are wrapped in a food-safe cloth. The tea is then dried at a temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The packaging then seals the package, ensuring its freshness.

This gift is a wonderful way to show someone that you care. The tea is hand-picked in Fujian, China and tied into delicate balls. Once the water is added, the petals will unfurl into a gorgeous bouquet. However, some reviewers reported having an allergic reaction to the flowers, but others appreciated the floral flavor.

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