Best Yogen Fruz Fruity Flavored Candies in 2022

Yogen Fruz Fruity Flavored Candies

If you love fruit-flavored candies, you may have heard of Yogen Fruz fruity candy. This candy company makes a variety of flavors including Blueberry Breeze, Mango Breeze, Kiwi Breeze, and Strawberry Breeze. However, what are the different flavors? Here, we will tell you more about some of the best ones! Also, you can read customer reviews about desertcart to make sure the website is legitimate and uses upgraded technologies to prevent any potential fraud.

Blueberry Breeze

You'll love these tart, blueberry-flavored hard candies, which contain real yogurt and natural fruit flavor blends. Each one contains only three calories, no fat, and no saturated or trans fat. They're perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or a healthy afternoon pick-me-up! These treats are manufactured in Canada and China. Their calorie and fat content are low compared to other fruity candies, and they're also available in 24 and 48-ct mixed-flavor counter displays.

If you're looking for an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can always try their frozen yogurt. These are delicious and packed with protein. They're also gluten-free and fat-free. You can choose between blueberry, orange, grape, and mixed berry flavors. Each of these candies contains a full serving of fruit, two grams of fiber, and three grams of natural sugar from fruit. You can purchase a six-count multipack for $9.50 and enjoy the tangy, sweet taste of Blueberry Breeze.

Strawberry Breeze

Big Sky Brands has partnered with frozen yogurt chain Yogen Fruz to introduce the new all-natural Strawberry Breeze Yogen-Fruz Fruity Flavored Candies. Each piece is only three calories and contains zero grams of fat, making them a low-calorie, low-fat option for snacking. Yogen Fruz is a frozen yogurt and smoothie chain that has a cult following. The new candy comes in six popular Yogen-Fruz flavors. The flavors are available in 36-ct tins and eight-ct single-flavor trays. The tins also come in mixed flavor counter displays.

As a low-calorie, guilt-free option, Strawberry Breeze Yogen-Fruz candies are made from 100% natural fruit flavour blends and real yogurt. These delicious candies are available in six awesome flavors, including strawberry. The candy is gluten-free, kosher-certified, vegetarian, and vegan. This candy is packaged in peg bags and ships 12 pieces per case. It is part of Sanders Candy Gourmet Snacks line, which also includes chocolate bars and boxed snack mixes.

Mango Breeze

Frozen yogurt chain Yogen Fruz teamed up with Big Sky Brands to create new all-natural candies called Yogen Smoothies. Made with yogurt, pure cane sugar, and vitamin C, they are low in fat and have zero calories per serving. One serving of these candies contains the same amount of probiotic yogurt as one cup of yogurt from a leading probiotic brand. These delicious candies are also available in popular flavors from Yogen Fruz. The Tropical Storm variety contains natural flavours, tartaric and absorbic acid, and yogurt.

Kiwi Breeze

Providing you with healthy frozen desserts that are full of nutrients, Kiwi Breeze Yogen Fruz Fruit Flavored Candies are an excellent choice for your active lifestyle. They contain just three calories and no fat. All natural fruit flavours and calcium stearate are the main ingredients. The yogurt-like texture is also great for your teeth. Yogen Fruz candies are delicious and nutritious, and they are great for children and adults who want to eat a snack without consuming too much sugar.

Peach Breeze

Peach Breeze Yogen Fruz are the perfect sweet treat for the summer! These candies are made with all-natural fruit flavours and contain only three calories and zero fat per piece. They are available in single-flavor trays of eight pieces each, as well as in counter displays of 24 and 48 pieces with mixed-flavors. You can even find these candies in yogurt cups!

The Yogen Fruz brand is a leading frozen yogurt franchise worldwide. The flavor menu is based on the season, and you can find everything from chocolate to non-fat vanilla to probiotic-rich yogurt. This brand has over 1200 locations worldwide and has won numerous awards, including the Entrepreneur Magazine's list of the top franchises. It is the number one frozen yogurt franchise in the world!

With 15 grams of protein per piece, these candy treats are a great mid-morning snack or a healthy evening treat. Each piece contains two grams of fiber and three grams of natural fruit sugar. You can purchase a six-count multipack for $9.50, which is a great deal! You can find more information about Peach Breeze Yogen Fruz Fruity Flavored Candies on the official website.

Pineapple Breeze

Big Sky Brands partnered with popular frozen yogurt chain Yogen Fruz to produce these all natural, fruit flavoured candies. These tasty treats contain probiotic yogurt, pure cane sugar, vitamin C, and zero fat. Plus, they taste delicious. A single piece of Yogen Fruz contains the same amount of probiotics as one serving of a leading probiotic yogurt brand. These delicious candies are available in four popular Yogen Fruz flavors. The Blueberry Breeze flavor is made with natural flavors, tartaric acid, and sugar.

Orange Breeze

BigSkyBrands has teamed up with Yogen Fruz to bring you this amazing frozen treat that is guilt-free and packed with nutrients. You can enjoy a delicious treat without guilt or any calories thanks to this candy's zero-fat, three-calorie formula. There are six great flavors to choose from. These healthy frozen treats are also low in fat and contain zero calories, making them a great choice for active adults or anyone trying to live a healthier life.

These orange-flavored candies have a tart citrus flavor that is naturally high in Vitamin C. The candy itself is a refreshing midday snack. While this flavor isn't quite as good as the real thing, the candy is tasty and good for you. Even the kids will enjoy it. So, grab a handful for a mid-day treat! It's the perfect way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C and stay healthy!

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