Best Yogi Tea Tea Samplers in 2022

Yogi Tea Tea Samplers

If you enjoy herbal tea, you'll love Yogi Tea's variety of 58 flavors. Each bag contains a delicious blend of botanicals and herbs and is individually wrapped to keep them fresh and tasty. Some types are certified organic. You can choose from a variety of different blends, including handpicked, pure green, organic, and decaf varieties.

Cold season sampler

If you have been looking for a way to get your hands on Yogi Tea Cold Season Sampler 16 Tea Bags for a while, but have not yet found the best online store to order it from, you are not alone. The good news is that desertcart can help. With its fast delivery times and wide selection of products, desertcart is the place to shop.

The Cold Season Sampler is a convenient way to sample a variety of herbal teas for the cold season. This sampler contains four of Yogi's cold-season blends, all free of allergens. Drinking the tea can help you stay healthy and keep your fluids flowing throughout the season.

Pure green decaf

Pure Green Decaf Yogi Tea is a wonderful, natural way to boost your health and promote better overall wellbeing. The tea contains organic decaffeinated green tea leaves that have been carefully selected. Its bold flavor and antioxidant properties help the body to fight free radicals. Pure Green Decaf Yogi Tea is made from green tea leaves grown in India. It contains a small amount of caffeine, which is not as high as some other green teas. One box contains 16 tea bags.

Pure Green Decaf Yogi Tea is certified organic by the Soil Association. Its bags are made from manila hemp fibers and wood pulp. They are plastic-free and bleached with oxygen. All packaging is heat-sealed without glue and is 100% recycled. Case boxes are made of 60% recycled paperboard and are compostable.

Yogi Tea comes in many different flavors. There are 58 varieties to choose from. Each tea is individually wrapped, fresh, and comes with a special inspirational quote. Drinking Yogi tea can help you get through difficult times and appreciate life to its fullest. You can buy a sampler that contains one of each flavor, which is a great way to test the waters and find your favorite.

Pure Green Decaf Yogi Tea is made with 100% organic ingredients and is non-GMO. The tea is also certified USDA organic. The ingredients used in making Yogi Green Tea are grown in low-emission ecological farms, which preserves the planet and increases biodiversity. The company also promotes social sustainability by forming partnerships with growers in order to provide job security to their employees. The company has strict standards for transparency in the sourcing of the ingredients and the manufacturing process.

Organic green tea

Yogi Tea offers a wide selection of organic green tea and other herbal teas. Their teas are certified organic and non-GMO and contain no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or colorants. They are also Rainforest Alliance Certified. Whether you prefer a blend or a single variety, they will be sure to have a tea that is perfect for you.

The organic green teas are all hand-picked and deep-steamed. The company also tests for heavy metals and radiation levels. This company has a strict ethos when it comes to sourcing their teas, and this shows in the quality of their teas. Organic green teas are also certified Fair Trade and GMO-free. The company offers several different types of green tea, including oolong and jasmine.

The Yogi Tea Variety Pack contains three different flavors of green tea. These teas are made with Organic Green Tea and traditional Ayurvedic ingredients. Each blend provides a high amount of antioxidants and supports overall health. Yogi Tea also offers kombucha tea, a fermented black tea product.

As a Fair Trade Certified company, Yogi Tea is committed to a sustainable future. Their facilities use renewable energy sources to produce their organic teas. Their packaging is also environmentally friendly. They use paperboard and paper pulp for their sample envelopes and pouches, and are completely compostable.

Handpicked blends

If you're interested in trying some of the best tisanes available, look no further than the line of teas from Yogi Tea. These handpicked blends are perfect for relaxation and offer a preventative and healing mechanism to your body. You can choose from over 50 different blends to find the perfect one for your needs.

You can choose from a variety of classic and herbal blends. Some of them also offer flavor combinations. Most newcomers to tea often choose the classic blend and find it too strong, while others prefer an herbal blend. The best way to choose the right type of tea for you is to try a variety of tea sampler packs to find out which one you enjoy the best.

The company's teas come from the finest regions in India. Each blend is created with the highest quality of tea leaves. Each batch is tasted to ensure that each blend is perfect for your taste buds. Each tea comes individually wrapped in foil pouches, which helps retain the flavor.

For those new to tea, a sampler collection is a great way to learn about the different types of blends from Yogi Tea. You can choose from handpicked blends, or try the entire collection. It's never been easier to discover the perfect blend for your tea ritual. You can choose from five or as many blends as you'd like! You'll be sure to find one you'll love.


The packaging used for Yogi Tea's Tea Sampler is made of sustainable materials. Its bags are made of wood pulp and manila hemp fibers. These materials are plastic-free and bleached naturally. The envelopes are recyclable and compostable. The tea samples themselves are packaged in biodegradable case boxes made from 60 percent recycled materials.

Yogi Tea has several different flavors in their Tea Sampler. They include Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, Bedtime, and Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life. The packaging features inspirational quotes. The tea samples contain a sample of each flavor. These are great for tea lovers who want to try a variety of flavors.

You can also check the teas' brewing suggestions on the back of the carton. Some of the teas contain caffeine, while others have no caffeine at all. Additionally, Yogi Tea's teas are certified organic and non-GMO Project verified. In addition, they contain no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or colorants. Lastly, they're non-irradiated, which means that they're safe to drink.

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